NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

I decided to do a post compiling a NaNoWriMo Survival Kit. Yay! Although this is a primarily a beauty, and fashion blog, I think this post still fits. I am a 2013 NaNoWriMo participant, and my book does has beauty and fashion themes. Plus, there’s lip balm and pajamas in the kit.
So, here’s what’s in my NaNoWriMo Survival Kit:
* Lip Balm -When I spend hours writing, one of the most annoying things for me to experience are chapped lips. Keeping a little lip balm on hand helps keep my lips happy, my mind from distraction, and my fingers typing.
* Protein Bars -While devotion to writing is good, starving yourself isn’t. Many NaNo writers will tell you to keep snacks and even candy on hand. While that’s perfectly fine, I really don’t want to gain lots of weight just before the holidays. So, for me, the perfect solution is a protein bar. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s even healthy. 🙂
* A Timer -If you like to do word sprints like me, a timer is a great tool. There are lots of inexpensive kitchen timers that you can busy. You can also your alarm, microwave, or even your computer.
* Comfy pajamas -For me, being comfortable is very important when writing. And pajamas meet this requirement perfectly! I’d love to get a pair of superman pajamas like these someday. 🙂
* Yummy Hot Drink -For me, there’s nothing that helps me feel like I’m in a cafe, like drinking something nice and warm (or for those who have tougher taste buds than me, something nice and hot). My personal favorites are chamomile tea and hot cocoa.
* Music -Some writers like silence, and some writers like noise. And then, some writers like music. I’m definitely in the music category. Whether it’s on your iPod, MP3 player, radio or computer, music can be a great aid in helps the words to keep coming.
* Notebook and Colored Pencils -Sometimes, when I have a plot tangle or am just plain stumped, pulling out a notebook can help me fix my writer’s block. Colored pencils are especially helpful, and I think this helps you access the right side of your brain better. Even if it doesn’t, it sure makes things more fun!
* Sugar-Free Gum -My sweet tooth loves to try and tear me away from the computer, and into the kitchen. Some sugar-free gum goes a long way in helping me to keep writing. That, and I don’t ingest any unneeded sugar! I love the Extra Dessert Delight flavors. They include apple pie, strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, and more! My current favorite is Raspberry Cupcake.
And, for my fellow writers, here’s a few websites that might help out:
* Coffitivity -This website simulates the sound of a cafe, great for writers on a budget.
* The Nano Jar -The blog article has a great tip for writing prompts during your NaNoWriMo journey.
* Writing Rewards -Rewards can go a long way in helping you to keep writing.