My Brother-In-Law’s Wedding


Ben and I were able to go to Ben’s brothers wedding down in Southern California.


It was just gorgeous! Both the wedding and the weather. 🙂 Michael and Karen were married in the Los Angeles temple, and had such a beautiful reception. It was so fun spending time with Ben’s family. It was especially fun seeing Lizzie, my awesome sauce friend and sister-in-law. 🙂


I finally found a use for one of my favorite dresses! I got it during my Down East Haul, and I love it. 🙂 I needed a dress that wouldn’t clash with lavender, and I thought grey would be a nice neutral. 🙂

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Dress: $5, Down East Warehouse Sale
  • Purse: $5, Walmart
  • Black Ballet Flats: $9, Payless


Karen came out during the reception playing her bag pipes, to draw everyone’s attention to the cake cutting. Isn’t she super awesome! I’m so happy that she’s part of the family now!


My Cousin Kira’s Wedding


I am so excited that I had the opportunity to go to Utah and attend my cousin Kira’s wedding ! She is now official Mrs. Russell Stephenson. I am so excited for this beautiful step in Kira’s life. 🙂


It was so good to see her, and to see all of my family! I was able to see cousins that I haven’t seen in over a decade, and my Nanny (my mom’s mom!) Plus, all of the Gooss clan was in one spot!


Just a bunch of Gooss-es goofing off… 🙂 (Me, my sister Kelly and my brother Peter)


What a beautiful reception! (my sister Heather, Me and my sister Carrie)


I have such a beautiful family. 🙂 (Aunt Debbie, Nanny, Celeste, Mom, and Heather)


Isn’t this bathroom luxurious? (Carrie, Me and Jennifer)

I went with a simple outfit for Kira’s wedding -a 1940’s style dress, and a pair of platform sandals. The dress was very comfy, as were the shoes, surprisingly! I got them at TJ Maxx just for the wedding. 🙂

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Dress -$0.50, Garage Sale (Shabby Apple)
  • Platforms -$29, TJ Maxx
  • Bracelet -Gift (Walmart)
  • Purse -$6 (Walmart)

My Teal Dress


I realized that I didn’t post pictures of the teal dress that I wore for Linda’s wedding! So, here is the lovely dress that I found in my Kroger Haul! I really loved this dress. It was beautiful, and very flattering. And of course, flattering is always good in my book!

In this shot, I’m standing next to Lizzy, one of my cool sister-in-laws. Well, my brother-in-law’s wife, but anyhow. Describing relations can get fuzzy really fast. Basically, she’s my super duper awesome friend that I get to keep. 😉


This shot is a bit in the shadows, but you can see how cute my dress is! I really liked how my blue heels looked with the dress as well. So, what I did with this dress, was sew a black ribbon to the hem so as to make it longer. I did a pretty good job, if I say so myself. 🙂

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Dress: RB Collection Retro Dress, $15 at Kroger (discounted from $35)
  • Earrings: Dangling Blue Chandelier Earrings, $5 at Kroger
  • Necklace: Metaphor Simulated Sapphire Necklace, $29.99 at Sears, Christmas gift from Mom and Dad
  • Shoes: Attention Heels in Faux Suede Blue, $19.98 at Kmart, Christmas gift from Mom and Dad
  • Purse: Black box purse with Zebra ribbon, $4 at DI Thrift Store



Aren’t the Manti temple grounds lovely? I think the flowers are beautiful! The colors are just vivid. I decided to share some of the beauty surrounding us at the Manti temple!



And here’s a shot of the Manti temple. My sister-in-law Linda chose this temple because she thought it was so beautiful. I can’t help but agree with her. 🙂


And of course, what would be a wedding blog post without pictures of the bride? Here’s a picture of all the Buchmiller siblings and (spouses). 🙂 My dress kind of stands out a bit, but oh well! I tried really hard to find a blue dress…


And here is the lovely LInda and Craig Nichols. They are such a cute couple!


How Ben Proposed

These pictures were taken by one of best friends, Carree Britt! You can check out her facebook page, Carree’d Away Photography.

How Ben Proposed:

For all of you who want to know, here is the story of how Ben proposed to me. On Tuesday, April 26, 2011, Ben and I went to listen to devotional as usual. We have made a pattern of listening to devotional on the radio together (devotional is a kind of worship service/sermon held at our university every Tuesday).


Now, he had told me that he was going to propose in a couple of weeks, so I wasn’t expecting a proposal that week. We went to Smith Park and had a picnic during the devotional. It was snowing, so we put the picnic blanket on the concrete floor of a gazebo, and unpacked the picnic basket. Ben had bought strawberries, red grapes and sparkling grape juice, and I had brought Jelly Belly beans.

proposal 3

It was funny, because as we listened to devotional, the radio did not want to work anywhere but on Ben’s knees or my lap. The devotional speaker was Brother Edwin A Sexton, on the Economics Faculty at our school. He talked about Christ, and the literality of His Resurrection, and of His Resurrected body. I was slightly sleepy, so whenever the speaker would end a quote that used the word “amen”, I would say amen, and thought it was over. Ben laughed at me. 🙂

proposal 4

It was so peaceful and blissful spending time with Ben. Listening to devotional with Ben is one of my favorite set of memories, and that day was especially nice. We noticed a dad and his daughter playing at the park, which was endearing, and I smiled in amusement as the wind blew snow onto Ben’s shirt. It was funny -I thought it was such a nice day, that I was trying to hold onto every detail, and was slightly narrating in my head (‘And then, as the snow blew gently across Ben’s shirt, I looked into his eyes and felt completely content with the world’); I can be silly like that sometimes.


At the end of the devotional (and I had said amen at the right time, finally), I felt really cold and asked Ben if we could go somewhere warmer. Now, normally, Ben helps me stand whenever I get from sitting, but he didn’t, and I thought, ‘that’s strange’. He then quickly knelt down in front of me. It took me a second to process, and then I realized what he was doing. I was so surprised! He pulled out the box the ring was in, and asked me very simply if I would marry him. I have always felt a simple question is better than an elaborate declaration of love. I was so excited, that I threw my arms around his neck and said yes. Ben held me for a little while, and then said, “I didn’t hear what you said.” I laughed and told him, “Yes, of course!” Apparently Ben just needed to be reassured. Oh, it was just so…perfect!