Staying Safe In the Sun… Paula’s Choice Sunscreen!

I finally found a sunscreen that I enjoy wearing. Most are sticky and greasy, and run into my eyes. This one is much better.

It does give a glowy, subtle shimmer to the skin, so it’s not completely matte. That said, it’s not overly shiny. It goes well under makeup, and doesn’t sting my eyes or cause breakouts. It applies and blends easily into my skin.

I like that’s it’s SPF 50, water resistant and has antioxidants in the formula.

It is a little pricey -$17 for 5 ounces on Amazon. That said, I am willing to spend a little more on a sunscreen I will actually wear. Plus treatments for skin cancer cost a lot more!

Remember to wear your SPF!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.