How Ben Proposed

These pictures were taken by one of best friends, Carree Britt! You can check out her facebook page, Carree’d Away Photography.

How Ben Proposed:

For all of you who want to know, here is the story of how Ben proposed to me. On Tuesday, April 26, 2011, Ben and I went to listen to devotional as usual. We have made a pattern of listening to devotional on the radio together (devotional is a kind of worship service/sermon held at our university every Tuesday).


Now, he had told me that he was going to propose in a couple of weeks, so I wasn’t expecting a proposal that week. We went to Smith Park and had a picnic during the devotional. It was snowing, so we put the picnic blanket on the concrete floor of a gazebo, and unpacked the picnic basket. Ben had bought strawberries, red grapes and sparkling grape juice, and I had brought Jelly Belly beans.

proposal 3

It was funny, because as we listened to devotional, the radio did not want to work anywhere but on Ben’s knees or my lap. The devotional speaker was Brother Edwin A Sexton, on the Economics Faculty at our school. He talked about Christ, and the literality of His Resurrection, and of His Resurrected body. I was slightly sleepy, so whenever the speaker would end a quote that used the word “amen”, I would say amen, and thought it was over. Ben laughed at me. 🙂

proposal 4

It was so peaceful and blissful spending time with Ben. Listening to devotional with Ben is one of my favorite set of memories, and that day was especially nice. We noticed a dad and his daughter playing at the park, which was endearing, and I smiled in amusement as the wind blew snow onto Ben’s shirt. It was funny -I thought it was such a nice day, that I was trying to hold onto every detail, and was slightly narrating in my head (‘And then, as the snow blew gently across Ben’s shirt, I looked into his eyes and felt completely content with the world’); I can be silly like that sometimes.


At the end of the devotional (and I had said amen at the right time, finally), I felt really cold and asked Ben if we could go somewhere warmer. Now, normally, Ben helps me stand whenever I get from sitting, but he didn’t, and I thought, ‘that’s strange’. He then quickly knelt down in front of me. It took me a second to process, and then I realized what he was doing. I was so surprised! He pulled out the box the ring was in, and asked me very simply if I would marry him. I have always felt a simple question is better than an elaborate declaration of love. I was so excited, that I threw my arms around his neck and said yes. Ben held me for a little while, and then said, “I didn’t hear what you said.” I laughed and told him, “Yes, of course!” Apparently Ben just needed to be reassured. Oh, it was just so…perfect!


My Husband, Soul Mate, and Best Friend


As my two year anniversary draws nearer, I can’t help but feel a bit sentimental. I am so blessed to have Ben in my life, and I’m so happy that he is my husband. I figured I’d share our story of how we started dating, how Ben proposed and list some reasons why I am so in love with him. 🙂

Our Story

So, here’s the story about my amazing guy. His name is Ben Buchmiller, and he is just amazing. He is the perfect gentleman –he opens doors for me, kisses my hand and calls me his princess. He always speaks gently and respectfully to me, and whenever we have a conflict, we talk about it calmly. He’s pretty mellow and peaceful, and a quiet sort of guy. At the same time, he’s very friendly and always is reaching out to everyone around him. I wanted to marry a man with a kind face. Ben is that man. Ben truly is a disciple of Christ, and he helps me to be a better person. He is always serving other people, and he tries to be kind in every word he speaks. He’s from Southern California . He’s 23 –about ¾ of a year older than me.

We met through our church callings (we get chances to participate in different ways in our church, which is really fun). Ben and I were called as the home evening group leaders (each Monday, we have a kind of worship meeting, where we pray, sing, talk about the scriptures, and do something fun like bowling or card games). When I first met him, I thought he was cute, but a little quiet. We didn’t talk much at first, only about out callings. Before he even knew me, he offered to fix my car and I thought, wow, what a nice guy. He came over to my house once to look over a schedule for our home evening lessons and activities. He talked to me a bit, and I thought he was a super cool guy. But I was interested in a couple of other guys, so I didn’t think about it much.

A little later, I started noticing Ben more, which I found highly frustrating. He was such a nice guy, and so cute! I came home one day, and told my friend that Ben should just stop being so cute and nice, so my life would be easier. Then, my friends Danielle and Carree invited me to a temple trip. It was so wonderful –I love going to the temple. And lo and behold, Ben ended up coming with us (turns out he’s their home teacher). I kind of noticed Ben while I was there, and thought, “Well, there’s no harm in looking at him.” Afterwards, we went to Sam’s Club and Win Co, and I guess he was flirting with me, but I didn’t really pick up on it. On the car ride home, he ended up asking me on a sate to the school’s Valentine ’s Day dance. But then, we realized the dance had been the night before, so our plans ended up being cancelled. But he sat next to me at church and “escorted” me to Sunday School, even though he wasn’t in the same class.

Ben brought me a rose for Valentine’s Day –not just any rose –a peach rose (my favorite!)! When I looked into his eyes, I felt that I would regret it if I turned him down. So, I said yes to another date. That night, we went for a drive and just talked. It was very nice and very relaxing. The next day, we went to the Stake Valentine’s Dance (a different dance). But, I had a horrible headache, so we left early. So we went on another drive. We stopped at a playground and swung on the swing. Ben pointed out the constellations and told me I was beautiful. We talked a lot about our families, and our interests. Then, we went over to my sister Carrie’s house. We played games and had a lot of fun. I was super impressed by how kind he was to Carrie. After we left Carrie’s house, Ben asked me to be his girlfriend. It seemed a little soon, but I said yes. I figured I could always break up with him later. 😉 Well, the longer I dated Ben, the more I realized how perfect he was for me. Soon, I found myself falling in love with him. He treated me so well, and I felt so happy when I was with him (and I still do!)