Weekly Round Up (September 19-24)


I am starting a new blog post series, called the Weekly Round-Up. This way you can find all the posts in one spot. I think this will be great for my readers who don’t have time to check my blog every day. ❤


Blog Post # 1: Sunset At The Oregon Coast -The beauty of Yachats, Oregon


Blog Post #2: My Rocks And Wellness Package -The rocks and goodies I received in the mail from Athena Perrakis


Blog Post #3: Book Review: Looking Fly on A Dime -Pretty much the best thrifting book ever!



My 1st Order From Sage Goddess



I love gemstones, and really, rocks of all kinds. I first got excited about them when I visited my first metaphysical shop in Richmond (which I miss dearly). I remember buying a piece of snowflake obsidian, and loving it. Well, I decided to buy some more fun stones as part of meditation, and stress-relief.



I ordered from an Etsy shop called the Sage Goddess, who has found her path as a Native American shaman/ Wiccan priestess. I mainly ordered from her because she is very choosy about the quality of the gemstones that she sells (a lot of Etsy shops will just dye a gemstone such as quartz or agate, and then pass it off as something more expensive). I really appreciate this attention to detail, as I like high quality products.

I received two pieces of lapis lazuli –one tumbled and one natural, and a piece of tumbled chrysocolla. I also received three small perfume samples, of some her oil-based perfumes. The perfumes are way different from any traditional scents I am used to, but they are lots of fun. I have to say that I am really impressed with the quality of the products that I got, and with the care she puts into packaging. She even sent me a sample of one of the soaps she makes.

Since I had so much fun with this order, I figured I’d share with you. 🙂



This is my chrysocolla stone. It’s a fun teal and black color.



This is natural lapis lazuli, striated in granite. It’s very pretty.



This is tumbled lapis lazuli, striated with pyrite. It’s a beautiful gem, and I adore it. This one reminds me of the scripture from Isaiah 54:11 -“O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colours, and lay thy foundations with sapphires.”



Here are the little perfume samples. I like Magic Rosa the best. It’s very feminine. 🙂


You can visit her Sage Goddess Etsy Shop, or head over to Sage Goddess.Com, if you’re interested. She also has a really cool Instagram account you can check out.

Note: No compensation was given for this blog post.