My First Re-Fashion Post!


I decided to do my first refashion post! In case you don’t know, refashioning is when you take an item of clothing and give it a new life. I decided to take a bright orange turtleneck sweater and turn it into a skirt!

I should have taken a before picture, but oh well. Basically, I cut off the sleeves, and sewed down the sides to make the skirt a little narrower. 🙂 It was a pretty simple change, and I think it turned out well!

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Gray Sweater -Thrifted, Part of $1 Bag (George, Walmart)
  • Orange Turtleneck Turned Into Skirt -Thrifted, Part of $1 Bag (Maurices)
  • Brown Leather Boots -$8, Thrifted
  • Teal Tights -$2, Icing
  • Pearls – $3, Thrifted  (I’ve had these pearls for forever… they’ve featured in several blog posts. 🙂 )

Ben and I went to Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt place for date night. I was very amused to find out that my skirt matched the restaurant. I should have taken a picture of Ben and me while we were there, but we were too busy enjoying our frozen yogurt. I got pistachio and blackberry! But here’s how the general set up looks. Don’t I match? 🙂


My Thrifted Christian Dior Blazer!


There are some weeks that I have good finds at the thrift store, and there are some weeks that I hit the jackpot! This week, I went to Seeds of Hope during their Free Friday Digger’s Sale, and found this little gem tossed aside in one of the bins. I couldn’t believe my luck! I quickly tried it on the room, determined it fit okay, and brought it home. It ended up looking even cuter than I thought I would! That same day, I also managed to find a cashmere sweater and a knock-off Gucci purse. I got it all for under $20! It was such a good thrifting day!


My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Green Cashmere Sweater: $5 Thrifted
  • Blazer: Free! Thrifted (Christian Dior)
  • Purse: $15 Thrifted (Fake Gucci)
  • Pants: $8 Thrifted (Target)
  • Heels: $3 Thrifted (Comfort Plus)

This is a huge part of why I thrift. Not only does it help keep clothing out of landfills, and money in my pocket -I can find really cute stuff if I dig hard enough. I find something thrilling about sifting through piles of clothing and finding beautiful items. It part adventure, part meditation.