Fun At Lake Harmon


Ben, Heather and I went to Lake Harmon, as it had warmed up quite a bit -all the way to the 50’s! Pretty crazy for a North Dakota January. It was a lot of fun. It looked like we were walking on water, because of the sky’s reflection. Definitely a neat experience.


I was super scared of walking out on the ice, but the ice was 2 feet thick, and huge trucks were out on the ice. Do you see that truck? Insane!


I spent most of the time, working my little penguin dance. I was determined not to trip and give myself a concussion. Heather found my antics pretty amusing.

heather i

I had a fantastic time, though! The weather was so nice -it was amazing to walk out the door without wearing twenty layers. I had fun with my outfit. 🙂 I decided to wear a berry-colored corduroy jacket, with a pink-and-green sweater that was originally sold at Talbot’s. I then wore my trusty pair of jeans, my black sneakers (so I wouldn’t slip on the ice!), and my sunflower pendant. My hair ended up a little crazy from the wind, but that was part of the fun!

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Corduroy Jacket – Part of $1 bag, thrifted
  • Pink and Green Linen Sweater – Part of $1, thrifted (Talbots)
  • Sunflower Pendant, $3, thrifted
  • Jeans: $8, thrifted (Target)
  • Black Sneakers: $50, new at Scheel’s (New Balance)


We didn’t just walk across the ice -we did fun things such as watch Ben stick his arm down an ice fishing hole. He’s measuring the ice here, and it comes clear past his elbow! That’s how we know it was two feet deep. 🙂


Ben decided to pick me up … while standing on top of the ice. Thankfully he didn’t slip or drop me! Apparently I have a deep fear of falling and hitting my head. 🙂 Thankfully Ben’s fearlessness makes up for my cautious nature.

It was so much fun spending time with my awesome husband and amazing sister. And, we will be returning to Lake Harmon for swimming in the summer!


A Little Soda Diner


Today Ben and I decided to go the Mandan Diner and Soda Fountain! It’s this fun little old-fashioned soda shop down by the Mandan Visitor’s Center. When we walked in, the service was very friendly (although that’s pretty typical here in North Dakota). They had a wall full of soda flavors to choose from, and you could even mix and match!

Can you see us in the mirror? 🙂

I chose Coconut Lime, and it was very yummy! I’m not normally a soda person, but this one was pretty tasty. Ben decided to try a raspberry soda. His soda was pretty tasty too. 🙂

This little diner also serves soups and sandwiches, but we didn’t stay for dinner. They also had a bunch of old fashioned candy to try! I would definitely come back! It was a very fun date. 🙂