Beauty Review: Loreal Extraordinaire



So, there are a lot of hybrid lipstick/lip gloss/lip balms out there. One of my favorites is by Almay. It’s super cute, fun, smells like Belgian chocolate, and looks pretty natural. However, there’s a new gal in town. I had the opportunity to try a sample of L’Oreal Color Rich New Extraordinaire. This stuff is anything but modest and natural. This one’s vivid, rich, and almost wet-looking.

The color I was sent is called Ruby Opera, and it’s a deep but vivid red. As soon as I opened the lip tube, I thought, “Woah, it smells like a tropical paradise!” I like the heart shaped wand –it’s cute, and it spreads easily. And here’s how it looks!



Of course, how it looks when you first put it on isn’t the only thing you care about. I wore this lipstick while exercising, and eating, and just around the house. I will say that this lip color fades pretty quickly if it encounters any resistance. After I ate, it was all gone, even if I had just applied it. Exercising wore it down to a light stain. That being said, it lasted about 4 to 5 hours if I just wore it around the house and out on errands.

So do I like it? Yes. It’s a fun, expensive looking lip gloss. Is it the best out there? No. But, in my experience, most lip glosses have to be reapplied regularly. And for its price range ($8 at Walmart), it’s a pretty good buy.



What do you think? Have you tried the New Extraordinaire by L’Oreal?

*** Disclaimers: I did receive a free full-sized sample as a member of the Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club. While I was not asked to write a blog post, I was asked to wear it for 4 days, and tweet what I like about it. I was not given any monetary compensation, and all opinions are my own. Also, I have included an affiliate link, if you wish to tryout the lip color yourself. ***


Loreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher


I received a primer sample in one of my fashion magazines, and I decided to try it out! It’s Loreal’s Youth Code product line, and it’s called Pore Vanisher. While I can be iffy about face products, as I have super sensitive skin, I decided to go ahead and try it anyway. And I have to say that I’m really glad that I did!

The primer has a nude tint to it; it’s not super dark, but it’s a little darker than my skin tone (although that’s not saying much!) Thankfully the color is sheer, and didn’t look weird. In fact, it kind of worked like a light bronzer. The consistency was nice, and my foundation applied really nicely on top. I do think that it helped with covering up pores. That being said, it also blurred the fine lines on my forehead, and took out the weird redness that I often have around my nose and lips. I thought my skin looked really flawless with the primer, and that of course, is awesome! I still have a couple more uses with my sample. It is pretty expensive for a drug store primer –it’s $19.97. So, I’ll have to compare it to other $20 primers before I decide to buy it. That said, it’s definitely a great product.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Foundation: Clinique SuperBalanced Foundation in (01) Petal
  • Primer: Loreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher Primer
  • Eyeliner: Beautique Eyeliner in Deep Bronze (Sally Beauty Supply)
  • Mascara: Maybelline the Collassal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara in Glam Black
  • Eye Shadow: Clinique’s High Impact Eye Shadow Trio in Sugar, Sugar and Rose Wine Duo
  • Blush: Elf Studio Blush in Berry Merry
  • Lip Gloss: Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm in Lilac Love


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