I Love Leather Jackets


I love leather jackets. There, I said it. There’s something just beyond the reach of tangible about the mystique of the leather jacket. Is it the softness of the fabric? Is it the easy versatility? Is the instant vibe of coolness? I don’t know, but I sure find leather jackets irresistible. And they come in so many styles –and colors! You can get a rough-n-tough biker jacket, or one that looks a bit more preppy. You can choose from authentic leather, or vegan alternatives. I am convinced that there is a leather jacket out there for everyone. As it’s too cold in Idaho, I can’t really wear my leather jacket just yet. But let me tell you –that jacket is just begging me to put it on and don a pair of sunglasses. And once it warms up –I’m there all the way! Don’t worry, my little leather jacket. I haven’t forgotten you!