7 Things I’m Grateful For

It’s that time again! Here’s my 7 things I am grateful for this week. 🙂
1. NaNoWriMo -In case you don’t know, NaNoWriMo stands form National Novel Writing Month. Every November, this awesome event takes place, give writers a chance to bond together in a common goal -writing a novel! I’m super excited, and I’m going to return to my abandoned novel, Cry of the Amazon. I already have 20k written, but to keep within the contest rules, I will write another 50k words, which will bring my novel to 70,000 words. This is going to be a great opportunity for me, and I intend to take full advantage of it.
2. Baklava -I love baklava! It’s my favorite holiday dessert, and I was able to enjoy a piece (or two) of it yesterday. My friend and sister-in-law, Lizzy, had a 6 course Turkish meal for her international foods class. It was a lot of fun, and the food was great. 🙂
3. Advil -So, I have been struggling with a lot of headaches lately, and let me tell you, I am so grateful for modern medicine. Advil helps keep my headaches at bay, and helps preserve my sanity.
4. Cute Glasses -I love glasses, and I think they are a fun fashion accessory. I’m especially grateful for my blue-framed, glasses, which I got from Zenni Optical, for only $12! Without them, I have a hard time recognizing faces, which is a bummer. I’m not skipping glasses at church today!
5. Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover -I did write a review on this makeup remover earlier in the week, but I wanted to mention it again. My eyes are so sensitive, and just about everything I’ve tried sends me eyes straight to red and puffy land. But, this makeup remover does not! So, right now, I’m very grateful for my non-red eyes.
6. Friends -This week, I have been reminded time and time again about how much my friends care about me, and are willing to lend a hand. From dyeing my hair, to helping with stress meltdowns, to just listening, my friends have been there for me. Thank you so much, everyone!
7. Herbal Tea -Speaking of stress meltdowns, last night I was so stressed that all of the muscles in my body were tensed and throbbing. My friend Jessica and her husband were there at the rescue, with essential oils and a magnesium drink. The magnesium went into a cup of herbal lemon tea, and it helped a lot. Plus, I just love herbal tea in general. It’s very soothing and wonderful, and helps me to feel pampered.

7 Things I’m Grateful For

grateful6 -1
So, this is my latest “7 Things I Am Grateful For” list. This week, I was able to have lots of fun adventures, including two hiking trips, and a thrift store raid. So, without further ado, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for!

1.   Grape Nuts –I love Grape Nuts! It’s a healthy, filling cereal that helps me start out my day on the right foot. Granted, it needs a spoonful of sugar with it, but that’s okay. As long as I don’t overdose on the sugar, I always feel good in the hours that follow eating this awesome breakfast.

2.   Autumn Leaves –On Wednesday and yesterday, I was able to go hiking to two different spots. First, we hiked in Herbert, an old ghost town in the middle of a forest, and surrounded by fields. It was a lot of fun! We also went hiking at Cress Creek, which was a fun hike, more designed for families and small children. In both places, the autumn leaves were beautiful. There were more yellow leaves than a variety, but it was still very beautiful. Here are some pictures.

This picture was taken in Herbert.
This was taken in Cress Creek.

3.   Green Sweater –As I mentioned above, I also went on a Thrift Store raid on Friday. I went to one down in Idaho Falls that supports a homeless shelter. Anyway, it has a fun $5 dollar bag deal. I was able to stuff a full sized winter coat worthy of Rexburg, an over coat, and three sweaters. The green sweater and purple “teacher sweater” fit great (as well as the coats), but the teal one did not. So, I gave it to one of my friends, Kara. All in all, I think that’s pretty good for five bucks!

Here’s my green sweater! This picture was at Cress Creek by my dear friend and sister-in-law, Lizzie.

4.   Harry Potter –While growing up, the Harry Potter books were a great strength to me. While I was blessed with a loving, living family (unlike Harry), I went through a lot of hardships, and these books really helped me to persevere, and gave me many needed sessions of laughter and tears. While they definitely do not replace my faith, they were a great blessing to me.

5.   Finishing Spray –So, through a friend, I was able to get a deal on Paul Mitchell products, including my favorite finishing spray. I love these products, as they help keep my hair in place. And since I got them yesterday, it’s just in time for church!

6.   Box Spring –So, I’ve been sleeping on just a mattress, and didn’t realize how much it was affecting my sleep, until a kind neighbor gave Ben and me their old box spring and bed frame (they recently bought a new one). Now, I’m sleeping a lot better, which is nice.

7.   My Family –I have been thinking about my family a lot this week. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people related to me, and I love them so much. Is my family perfect? No. Is my family a little quirky? Yes. But that’s part of why I love them. It can be easy to let things get in the way, but I think it’s important to make time for family.

7 Things I’m Grateful For


It’s that time again! Here is my weekly installment of my seven things that I am thankful for. This week, I am grateful for the following:

1.    Glitter –I think glitter is so much fun. Whether it is in nail polish or blush, or coating heels and t-shirts, I love it. I think glitter is a fun way to add glamour, shine, and fun to any look.

2.     Laughter –I’ve been feeling down some this week, and every time, laughter has managed to get me back up. I had a lot of fun laughing with Ben today. And I love this quote about laughter –it really is a beautiful, precious part of life.

3.     Red Curry –I love Thai food, and red curry has to be my favorite Thai dish. I think it’s cool that just about every culture has developed their own version of curry. Did you know that Japan has their own curry? I didn’t! I learned that this week when I was working on some articles for Fiverr. But yeah, curry is amazing.

4.     Mascara –I love mascara, especially since my eyelashes are strawberry blond. I have looked high and low, and finally found a mascara that coats my lashes from tip to root. It’s e.l.f.’s Studio Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in black. You can check out my previous review on it here.

5.     Ticket To Ride –I love this fun game! You build your own train route, which involves strategy, and a bit of luck. While the one shown is for Europe, the one I’m used to playing is the original, with a map of the USA. It’s lots of fun, and I definitely recommend it. Ben and I played with, along with his brother Sam and wife Lizzy.

6.     Sweatshirts/Hoodies –Now that it’s getting chilly, I’m pulling out my reliable hoodies. They are comfortable, keep me warm, and double as exercise wear. And yes, the one shown is a turquoise. And yes, I am in love with the various shades of turquoise and teal. You will see more of this color in posts to come.

7.     Bobby Pins – I love bobby pins! They help keep my crazy, unmanageable hair up when I want to do my hair in a bun or pony tail. I’m especially grateful for the ones made for redheads and gals with auburn hair. It’s great that in addition to the traditional black bobby pins, they have ones for blond hair, brown hair, and red hair. (And now, lots of other colors, such as neon, bobby pins are available).You can buy my favorite bobby pins at Sally Beauty Supply –I buy the “bronze” kind.

7 Things I’m Grateful For


1.  Hummus –So, I love hummus. It is tasty and delicious, and a healthy snacking alternative. And thanks to my sister-in-law, my homemade batch tastes great. I love hummus, because it is a reminder to me that not all healthy foods taste bad; I can live a healthy and satisfied life if I am willing to try hard enough.

2.  Pink Ribbon Charity -My late Grandma Gooss had to struggle with breast cancer, and eventually received a mastectomy. Remembering her trials, and keeping in mind that I share her genetics, makes the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign very personal for me. I appreciate all of the work scientists and physicians have put into treating and finding a cure. I’m also grateful for all those who donate their time, talents and money into helping spread awareness. I intend to donate a little this month myself, even though I don’t have a lot of money to spare.

3.  Artistic Self-Expression –I love finger paint, as is shown here. But, I love all forms of artistic mediums, whether they be paint, pencil, pastel, or computer mouse. There is something cathartic about channeling all of my emotions into a piece of art. I think that everyone should take up creative endeavors. It helps to sort out the many pieces of this strange world, and helps us to create something out of the chaos that surrounds us.

4.  Manicures –So, on Monday, I was able to go to the local Paul Mitchell Hair Academy and have a manicure for less. You see, right now (at least in Rexburg) there is a Family and Friends event, which allows outsiders to receive student prices. So, I received a spa manicure for only $2. Emily Ray, from my church and apartment complex, is super cool, so it was a lot of fun getting to know her as she did my nails. It’s been almost a week, and my nails still look great!

5.  My Phone –So, I used to work at Sprint, and while I was there, I fell in love with the Samsung Reclaim. It’s a cute little phone, with the perfect full keyboard. It’s also eco-friendly. The plastic is made out of biodegradable corn bio plastics, and the phone is designed to use energy efficiently. I mainly like it because it’s cute, green, and withstands the occasional bumps and bruises. I’ve had this phone for 2 years, and probably should get a new one, but I just love my little Reclaim!

6.  Vampy Lip Trend –There are two lipstick trends that I am excited about this fall –purple/plum, and dark lipsticks, like this one by MAC. I do have a dark vampy lipstick to try out –it is a cheaper lipstick, so I just need to figure how to keep it from spreading outside my lips. 🙂 When I figure it out, I’ll probably post something.

7.  Mexican Blanket –So, it’s starting to get a little chilly at night, and when that happens, it means it’s time for an extra blanket. So Ben has been able to go down to Mexico a few times for the Baja races. During his fun trips, he bartered and bought two woven blankets –one in green and blanket, and one with red. They keep me super warm, and I just love them.

7 Things I’m Grateful For


Here’s this week’s installment of 7 things I am grateful for!

1. Pajamas -I have been looking for quite some time for a pair of pajamas that I can wear when I go to visit other people. The pair I found are pink and purple, made out of a soft, stretchy microfiber, and are covering while still cute. And the best part? I found them at a clothing swap last night!

2. My Wedding Rings -I am happy to be married. I am also happy to have such a pretty and meaningful wedding band set. The set that I am wearing was originally given to my Nanny (grandma), which was then passed down to my Mom, and then passed down to me. It reminds me of two wonderful women, their husbands, and of their generosity. It’s a vintage set from the 1950’s, and I love it.

3. Yoga Mat -I have a beloved yoga mat that I was given during my 11th grade year of high school. Years later, though a bit rough around the edges, it still serves me well. I love yoga, and am happy with the relaxation I get from engaging in the stretching and breathing exercises.

4. Protein Bars -Protein bars have helped me out so many time. They’ve helped when my blood sugar is running low. They are also a great thing to eat on the run. What would I do without protein bars? I really don’t know.

5. Flowers -I am grateful for carnations to be precise. Ben bought me a red carnation at the end out a shopping trip last week (which you can read about here). Unlike a rose, which would have wilted by now, my carnation is still going strong. It hasn’t even begun to wilt yet! I love it’s sweet, floral, slightly peppery smell, and it is both tough and delicate at the same time.

6. Jeans -I have been in great need of jeans that fit, and I found two great pairs at the above mentioned clothing swap. One pair are black skinny jeans, and the other is a faded lighter blue in boot cut. Now I have 3 pairs I can wear!

7. Art -I love art, especially from the Impressionism time period. This “Starry Night’ by Van Gogh has always been one of my favorites. I think art is a wonderful way of expressing yourself, and bringing beauty to others.

And, that’s it for this week. 🙂 Happy Sunday!

7 Things I’m Grateful For


So, here is the second installment of my Sunday column, “7 Things I Am Grateful For.” I think that gratitude and optimism are vital to any blog –it brings a breath of fresh and helps to keep the blog alive. Here is what I am grateful for this week:

  1. I am grateful for candles. They are so pretty, and they smell good, and they make any room look instantly romantic and chic. It’s a pity that where I live I can’t light candles, but that’s okay. I have flameless candles (the electronic kind) that Ben and I bought from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  2. I am grateful for water. Water is so important, and if I don’t drink enough of it, I feel lethargic and sick. I’m also grateful for my water bottle- the built in straw helps me to sip water all day, which means that I easily reach my 8 glasses of water each day. Plus, it’s healthier to drink in sips, rather than to guzzle down a water bottle all at once.
  3. I am grateful for my new foundation –or rather BB cream, by Cover Girl. It’s light, it’s sheer, and it actually matches my skin tone.
  4. I am grateful for coats. Ben and I went camping this week, and it was cold. I was very grateful for the coat and sweatshirt that I was wearing. Being cold is not high on my list, but being warm is. Thank you, coat!
  5. I am grateful for scarves. I love scarves so much. I love ones that are functional and keep me warm, but I also love fashion scarves. I have quite a few, including my brown ombre cashmere scarf (you can read about it here). I think scarves are elegant and also very versatile. You can create countless looks with one scarf, just by how you tie it.
  6. I am grateful for my glasses –they help me to see. 🙂 I bought a cute pair of blue glasses from Zenni Optical, and I love them. Although I prefer the look of contacts, there’s something about glasses that is so easy –you just slip them on and off. Plus, they make me look smart.
  7. I am grateful for ballet flats. They are super cute, and add glam to any outfit. And, unlike heels, they are easier to walk in, and a lot more comfy. I have several pairs, including one in red, like the one pictured above.

Happy Sunday!

7 Things I’m Grateful For

grateful1 (1)

So, I’ve decided to do a new series on Sundays, called “7 Things I’m Grateful For.” I’ve been toying around with a gratitude series for a while, and I’ve finally decided to go for it. Here are the 7 things I am grateful today:

  1. Sunglasses –I have sensitive eyes, and it can make going outside a bit painful at times. I love sunglasses, because they relieve my eyes, and they look super cute too.
  2. Running Shoes, and the ability to run –I love to run. It is soothing, distressing and invigorating, all at the same time.
  3. Access to Fresh Produce –I love fresh fruit and vegetables. I am so grateful to live somewhere where I have a huge variety of produce to choose from. This past week, I have been enjoying blueberries, raspberries and grapes.
  4. A Bed To Sleep In –I am so happy to have a bed to sleep on, and cute pillows, blankets, and sheets. I also loving sleeping. 🙂
  5. Books –Books are just amazing –it’s why I choose English as a minor. There’s something magical about reading novels, and I love being able to learn new things from nonfiction.
  6. Rainbows –Lately, in Las Vegas, Utah, and Idaho, I have seen a lot of rainbows. I love rainbows. They are so uplifting, and hold a special place in my heart. It’s the promise of beauty after a storm.
  7. Chapstick –My lips get so chapped, and I am grateful for chapstick. It keeps my lips soft and moisturized, instead of dry and cracked.