My Favorite Fashion Magazine Ads

If there is one thing that all fashion magazines have in common, it’s the plethora of ad campaigns housed inside their pages. While I love some and hate some, they are an ingrained feature of the fashion and beauty industries. I have had the opportunity to pour over hundreds of these ads as I’m enjoying my free subscriptions with Recyclebank (You can read about Recylebank’s rewards here, and you can help me out by joining via my referral link here).

Anyways, I decided to do a blog post on my 10 favorite ad campaigns. Some do have slight rips in the picture, which is a result of me trying to share these ads with you.

1. Blumarine Ad


I love this lacy dress, and think it is stunning. I have seen it in several magazines, and even featured on other blogs. But I love it so much that I couldn’t possible excluded. (The black covering is not originally part of the ad. This is a modest blog, and I do my best to help my readers feel comfortable.)

2. Long Champ Ad


I love -LOVE this ad! I love the larger than life, towering over the city perspective that this ad gives. It says to me, “you too can be on top of the world.” And the simple black and white outfit is pretty chic.

3. Guess Ad


This ad by Guess is all about the All-American beauty. From the denim jacket, to the ruby red lips, to the startling blue eyes, it’s definitely a dynamic picture. I also like that the model doesn’t look stick thin.

4. DKNY Ad


This is a fun ad. I love the long skirt, with its voluminous hem. And of course, I love all of the colors in the picture, that represent the reality that is hectic urban life.

5. Lee Ad


I’m a big fan of jeans made to flatter real women, and this ad is definitely selling me. I love the classic look and feel to the ad, and its simplicity. I just might buy a pair myself. 🙂

6. Chaps Ad


This ad is very western, fitting for the brand. I think it is cute and elegant, but not outdated looking. And do I love the natural looking makeup? Why yes, I do.

7. Tacori Ad


This is not your typical model-posing-and-selling-jewelry add. I love that a chess piece is “wearing” the gorgeous rings. It took two traditional components (because what’s more traditional than chess and diamonds?) and made it look very original.

8. Kate Spade Ad


I’m a big fan of advertisements where the focus is on the person, and not the item. To me, that comes off much more authentic. And the model in this Kate Spade ad definitely shines. The purse is colorful, which I definitely like. 🙂

9. Christian Dior Ad


I’m not quite sure what make this ad so cool to me, but is. Somehow, the simplicity of the natural makeup and red lip, plus the black quilted handbag and chain handle, just really works for me.

10. Express Ad


I saved this one for last, and it is by far my favorite. This model is just gorgeous. I love her smile, her pose, her makeup, and her simple, yet definitely sophisticated outfit. Lovely. Just lovely.