Cute Dollar Tree Find!

I found this cute little notebook at Dollar Tree! ❤️🍣🍥🍣❤️ Dollar Tree has some great finds if you’re willing to look!

Sushi is one of my all-time favorite foods. I have fond memories of getting sushi with my dad, as well as with friends in college. I think food has a unique way of bringing people together. ❤️

I plan on using this notebook either as a journal once I have finished up my current one, or as a recipe book. Which use do you vote for? 🙂


Dana Maye 💚

I’m in Love with…LA Colors Hot Pink Nail Polish!

LA Colors Hot Pink Nail Polish Dollar Tree

I got this little gem at Dollar Tree! It’s the LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in the shade 516. This hot neon pink is one of my favorite colors to paint my nails -that and the color turquoise.

This nail polish performs remarkably well for a $1 nail polish. It only takes two coats to be opaque and dries quickly. It also is easy to remove and doesn’t stain my nails.

LA Colors Hot Pink Nail Polish Dollar Tree 2

If you are looking for a fun new nail polish, I definitely recommend this one! They have lots of other fun neon colors like green and yellow!


Dana Maye 💚


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.