Halloween Fun


Happy Halloween everyone! Ben and I went to a themed Halloween dinner with our good friends Spencer and Noelle. It was so much fun! They had the whole place decorated, and we even got to eat a human skeleton –very delicious! I really loved Spencer and Noelle’s costumes -Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein! How cool!


I wanted to come as an English noble lady, and made do with what I found. I think I more look like a lady from the 1940s or 1950s. 🙂 (Ben decided to come dressed up as Robin Hood). So of course, I stopped by one of the local thriftstores!

My Costume Deconstructed:

  • Green Dress: $5, Thrifted
  • Pearls: $3, Thrifted
  • 1940s Black Pill Box Hat: $2, Thrifted
  • Gloves: $2 Thrifted
  • Pumps: $3, Thrifted (Comfort Plus)


Let me tell you, Simeon was just delicious. He was made out spare ribs, and the meat just fell off of the bone. Maybe I should specify that it wasn’t a real skeleton… 😉