2016 Colors of the Year


Every year, I get excited to find out what the new color of the year is. I especially loved 2013, when emerald was the color of the year. I sure stocked up on my green that year. 🙂

This year Pantone decided to release two colors at the same time: serenity and rose quartz. I think the colors are darling! If done wrong, it can definitely just look like baby colors. But when done right, I think the pastel colors look both fun and relaxing. I definitely plan on wearing this combination some time this year. I’m thinking a blue button up shirt with a pink necklace.

You might be wondering what Pantone is. This company created the Pantone Matching System, a universal language for color. Basically, they aim to give every shade in the world a name. Each year they release a color of the year (or in this case two), and a set of colors for the spring/summer, fall and winter seasons. I think Pantone is pretty nifty!

The Pantone color releases may not seem very relevant to every day life, but in large part they determine trends and colors in every thing from fashion and beauty to paint and furniture to advertising, marketing and graphic design. So much of what we buy as consumers is determined by Pantone.


Typically each season Pantone releases a set of 10 colors. You should keep an eye out for these colors this spring and summer! I’m particularly excited about the peach echo and green flash. I might be able to find a green bathing suit this year. 🙂

I love color. I think it has the power to elevate our moods, and bring positive energy into the room. Color is a form of celebration, and I intend to celebrate this year!





Orchid: Color of the Year


Is it purple or is it pink? I well remember this discussion one year at Girl’s Camp. You’ve got to love those in between colors –and Radiant Orchid, the color of the year, is one of them.

You may be wondering what I am talking about. Well, let me fill you in! Every year, Pantone, a color forecasting company, collects data from fashion shows, interior decorating shows, and other color-reliant industries, and predicts the colors that will be “in” for the season, and for the year. For 2013, the “color of the year” was emerald, and for 2014, it’s orchid. This dynamic is really interesting, because society influences Pantone’s color forecast, and Pantone in turn, influences society.

But, enough about that –I’d like to talk about how to add orchid to your wardrobe and your life without going overboard. Here’s 3 quick suggestions:

1. Makeup –A quick way to help you stay current with color trends is to buy a lipstick or blush in orchid. Just about every line at Walmart has this color in stock, and your department store is sure to have it as well. Pearls and Paris has an excellent beauty review on an orchid lip color by Maybelline, Fuschia Flourish.

2. Accessory –Choosing a belt, necklace, is a quick way to add some orchid pop to your wardrobe! Instead of making a heavy investment on a passing color (like in a suit, expensive jacket, or other wardrobe staple), you can flirt with the color with something more inexpensive and temporary.

3. Umbrella –Lastly, one super excellent way to add orchid to your life, is to choose an umbrella in the color of the year. Help light up that gray sky with your brand new umbrella!

I hope I’ve inspired you to try out the color of the year, Radiant Orchid. I know you’ll look fantastic!