$4 Nine West Boots!


I found the most amazing pair of boots at my local Seeds of Hope thrift store! I got this pair of Nine West Boots for $4, during a 1/2 off shoes sale! These amazing suede boots  retail for approximately $70!

A couple of quick tips for buying boots at the thrift store!

  1. Wipe the interior with antibacterial wipes. For extra measure, use some Gold Bond inside the boots as well. Sanitation is key!
  2.  Make sure to look at the tread on the boots, and the condition of the zipper.

That’s it for now!

How To: Not Rip Your Tights and Pantyhose

Ladder in Tights

Have you ever experienced the aggravation of ripping your hose or stockings? I used to joke that pantyhose were disposable because I always trashed them by the second wear. Keeping hosiery intact and in shape seemed to be a complete myth.

I started looking into compression hose, since I sit 8 hours a day as a receptionist (it helps improve blood circulation in the legs and feet). But when I looked at the price, I gasped. $30-$60!!! I decided there had to be a way to protect such an expensive pair of hosiery. Well, I did my research online and found a couple of great tips.

Use Rubber Gloves!


When I first discovered this tip, it sounded ridiculous. Why would I wear rubber gloves to put on my tights? Well, apparently they will prevent those awful runs and snags. Sounds good to me!

Because the hosiery has such a delicate weave, your fingernails -or even the skin on your fingers- can rip it. This is especially true for compression hosiery, as it is much tighter and harder to put on. I have seen “donning gloves” that you can buy on Amazon, such as this pair of Sigvaris Donning Gloves. You can try regular rubber gloves as well.

Wash Those Tights Right!


How you wash your pantyhose is key to keeping them in good shape. 🙂

If you’ve ever had your hose stretched waaay long, it’s because they were not placed in a lingerie bag. Lingerie bags are typically made of mesh, and help protect hosiery, as well as other intimates. This Whitmore Mesh Hosiery Wash Bag at Amazon is a good, cheap option. 🙂

Also: Make sure to set the washing machine cycle to delicate, and on warm to cool water..

Another tip: Also, don’t send them through the dryer! Use a paper towel to soak up excess water, and then hang to dry.

Hopefully these tips will save you some stress, frustration and some money as well. 🙂


Disclaimer: I am not being compensated in any shape or form for this post. All opinions are my own.

Budget Haul: $20 at a Yard-Sale



This past weekend, I was able to find some amazing treasures. I had a lot of fun going to yard sales with my friends Kara and Keely. I learned quickly that the correct term in North Dakota is rummage sale. 🙂 I also found a couple of finds at the Free Digger Sale at the Seeds of Hope thrift shop.

And for twenty bucks, I got all of this! Here is the break down for the clothing:

  • Long black tunic: $0.75, yard sale’d (Fishbowl)
  • Black shrug – $3,  yard sale’d (Limited)
  • Gray and black waffle shirt -$0.50, yard sale’d (New Boundaries)
  • Peach button-down shirt $0.75, yard sale’d (Faded Glory)
  • Mint button down shirt:$0.75, yard sale’d (J. Crew )
  • Blue striped button-down shirt: $0.75, yard sale’d (Ralph Lauren)
  • Ivory button down shirt – $1.50, yard sale’d (Ruff Hewn )
  • Peach, sparrow motif sweater –  $1.50, yard sale’d (unknown, tag ripped out)
  • Mint skinny jeans -$2, yard sale’d (YMI)
  • Denim skinny jeans – $1, yard sale’d (Blue Spice)
  • Denim boot cut jeans -$0.25, yard sale’d (Arizona)
  • Faux leather leggings -$3, yard sale’d (Teenage Runway)
  • Velvet scarf hanger -$1, yard sale’d
  • Green peace sign scarf -$0.50, yard sale’d
  • Brown Cinch Belt -free , yard sale’d

(No pictures of outfits today. I’ll feature them in a future post.)

As you can tell, I was definitely in a button-down shirt kind of mood. Hints of fall are already here in Bismarck, and I feel the need to wear long button-downs, sweaters and tunics with my skinny jeans. Pair them with a cup of hot cocoa, and life is perfect. 🙂

Another funny thing….I don’t know how I do it, but every time I come home with clothing from thrift shops, flea markets and rummage sales, I manage to choose them in a matching color scheme. I don’t even choose the colors consciously. It just… happens. I guess my brain likes color coordination. 🙂


Also, I found some other awesome treasures. Here the breakdown:

  • 180 page Notebook, free, yard sale’d
  • Fortune cookie greeting card, free, yard sale’d
  • Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Gailbraith, a.k.a. J.K. Rowling: $2, yard sale’d —One of my favorite books. It’s dark and a little gritty, but that’s how I like my mystery novels!!
  • 7 Fragrance samples  -$1, yard-saled (Chloe, Romance de Provence by Catherine Malandrino, Clean Cool Cotton, Tocca Florence, Girl by Pherrell Williams,  Vera Bradley Apple Berry Champagne, and Mystic Pearl by Raw Spirit)
  • 2 decorative glass bowls -free, thrifted, Seeds of Hope
  • Red photo gift box -free, yard sale’d
  • Light house print -free, yard sale’d

Twenty dollars can go a lot farther than you think! 🙂