Look Flawless with … Bellix Beauty Sponges from Amazon!

Bellix Beauty Amazon Makeup Sponge Set 1

I love beauty sponges! I think it gives such a nice, pretty finish to my foundation or BB cream, depending on what I am using.

Now… a beauty sponge is supposed to be replaced every 3 months… my old one was probably veering into the 6 month range. So, finally, I decided to buy an 8 pack of beauty sponges from Amazon. The nice thing is that it cost me only a dollar more for 8 sponges than I paid for 2 sponges at Walmart.

Bellix Beauty Amazon Makeup Sponge Set 2

It definitely gets bigger when wet, which can be good or bad depending on how much surface area you want to cover. Personally I like it. I can spread foundation quicker, and then use the narrow end for more precise application. I noticed that the sponge seemed to stay almost permanently bigger after being wet for the first time, but it may just hold onto moisture longer than my older sponge.

The material is soft and bouncy, just like it should be, and applies foundation easily. I also found that it washed well too. Thankfully I am at least in the habit of washing and rinsing after every use! (I like to use the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser to clean it.)

Price: $6.59 on Amazon

Verdict: A Beauty Must-Have!

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