Pamper Yourself with… Dr. Teal’s Glow & Radiance Foaming Bath!

Dr. Teal's Glow and Radiance Foaming Bubble Bath

Dr. Teal’s is one of my favorite brands for bath products. I especially love their Epsom salts. I decided to try one of their bubble bath bottles -I chose Glow & Radiance.

As far as bubble baths go, this bottle worked nicely. The bubbles were nice and frothy, and lasted for my entire bath. I loved the gentle citrus scent -it was nice & relaxing. The bubble bath moisturizing without causing any irritation (I have very sensitive skin.) It didn’t leave any residue on my skin or the tub, which was nice too.

I definitely recommend!

This was part of my Walmart Beauty Haul.


Dana Maye 💚

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Take A Peek At My November Empties… Suave Body Wash!

Suave Body Wash Empties.jpgThis post has been a while in the making. I just finished my third Suave Body Wash, and have three empties to review.

My favorite of the three was Wild Cherry Blossom. It reminded me of the Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom scent my sister Heather used to wear. It’s soft, floral and beautiful.

I liked Sweet Pea & Violet as well. I didn’t smell any of the violet -it just smells like your standard sweet pea scent. That said, it is lovely.

The Ocean Breeze body wash, while a nice unisex, clean scent, wasn’t for me. I prefer fruity, sweet and floral scents.

Suave Body Wash is my go to body wash. It cleans well, lathers decently and smells nice. It is a thin formula, so I have to use more product than other brands, but it is pretty good for the price -$1.88 at Walmart.


Dana Maye 💚

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

Fantastic Sale… Bath and Body Works Travel Size Body Mists!

I love purchasing mini perfumes from Bath and Body Works! That way, I can try as many scents as possible.

This weekend, they are discounted down to $3.50 each. A typical sale is $4 each, and full retail price is $6.50. When I saw the sale, I had pick up a couple and bring them home with me!

Champagne Apple & Honey smells like a robust mix between red apples, cherries and champagne. It is an amazing scent, and reminds me of orchard picking when Ben and I lived in Rexburg. I’m wearing this one right now!

Gingham reminds me of wildflowers and fresh squeezed orange juice. It also reminds of picking oranges with Ben at his childhood home in Santa Barbara. I love it when scent helps evoke cherished memories.

While I didn’t purchase them, I also liked Pretty As A Peach, Wild Blackberry Vanilla and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

My New Favorite Bath Bombs: ReeRee’s Bath and Body

(Listed Above: Lime bath bomb, Sweet Orange shower melt, Unicorn bath bomb, Lavender shower melt, Mermaid Tail shower melt, and Grapefruit shower melt)

Bath bombs are one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind. I love the way they add swirls of color and glitter to the bath, the serene spa-inspired scents and how soft my skin feels afterward.

I am excited to share my new favorite bath bomb brand -ReeRee’s Bath and Body! This indie beauty brand was engineered by my amazing sister, Heather Gooss. I have always admired her creative abilities and the way she infuses perfection and passion into her work.

So far I have tried the Mermaid Tail bath bomb. It smells so good -like the smell of ocean waves and cotton towels. I love the epsom salt in the bath bombs, and the gentle sea foam green the water changes to.

I can’t wait to try everything else! I am especially excited about the lime bath bomb. ❤

If you want to try a splash of awesomeness, you can purchase these as well as other bath bombs and shower melts at You can also follow Heather on Instagram, @reereegooss.


Wild Field Soaps


I just got back from a fantastic road trip! I went ruby mining and gold panning, and spent time with my family in Virginia. During my travels, I came across a farmer’s market in Franklin, North Carolina with a lovely soap shop!


The name of the shop is Wild Field Soaps, and the owner is very sweet. She was easy to talk to and clearly has a strong passion for soap making. I love her emphasis on high quality, environment friendly ingredients. I bought a bar of the Mermaid Mojito soap, and can’t get enough of it! It smells beautiful and is so gentle on my skin. ❤

I also got samples of her Down to Earth, Dirty Mimosa and Lavender Bergamot soaps, which I can’t wait to try.

Wild Field Soaps can be found at the Franklin NC Farmer’s Market

Hours: Saturday 8 am-12 pm.
Address: 200 Block E Palmer Street in Franklin, NC 28734

You can check out the Wild Field Soaps facebook page to learn more!