My 4th Anniversary!


Ben and I have now been married for four years! It sure has passed by fast. 🙂 I love him so much. My sister Heather was in town, we took her a long with us for our anniversary celebration!


We decided to celebrate by visiting Peacock Alley. 🙂 It’s a delightful restaurant here in Bismarck, albeit a bit expensive. Ben was given a gift card at work, so we took advantage of it.



I was so stoked to eat here! I enjoyed a hanger’s steak with a raspberry glaze, and Ben ordered two entrees for the same price as mine. 🙂 He liked the fries. My sister Heather ordered some halibut.



We had so much fun together. The food was great, the atmosphere was classy, and it made for a wonderful memory. I would definitely eat there again… when we have the money. 😉


Isn’t my Ben so handsome? 🙂 I decided to wear a simple outfit -a black t-shirt and black denim jeans. Plus a pop of teal, as it was our wedding color! I’m actually wearing the original rose barrette that I wore in my hair when we were married. 🙂

Roses From My Darling Ben


Ben brought me a dozen roses yesterday for our anniversary on Tuesday. He is so sweet! Things have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to post about them. I love sunset roses and think they are gorgeous. I love the change from orange to peach to yellow. Ben brought me a single sunset rose on Valentine’s Day three years ago, and asked me to be his sweetheart. Every time he brings me roses home, I think of that enchanting day.


I hope this flowers help light up your day as much as they did mine!


My 3rd Anniversary!


Today is my wedding anniversary! I have officially been married to my sweetheart Ben for 3 years! It has been such a fun journey, and I have collected so many precious moments with Ben. From drawing on the sidewalk with chalk to carving watermelons to visiting chocolate and ice-cream factories, to biking and disc golfing, to holding hands during church to eating Chinese takeout and watching movies, the many dates and moments that we have spent together have been so wonderful. It is such a blessing to have Ben in my life as my husband and eternal companion. Knowing that I will be able to be with him forever is so comforting, uplifting, and exciting! I love Ben! Here’s a trip down memory lane via photos:


Here’s Ben and I when we were dating. In this picture, we were hiking up R Mountain, one of the local hiking trails in the Buttes near Rexburg. It was freezing outside, but I insisted on taking my shirt off, so you could see my awesome shirt. 🙂 This picture was taken March 26 2011.


Here’s another fun date we did while dating -carving watermelons! It’s way fun, less messy, and a lot more tasty than carving pumpkins. Mainly Ben carved the watermelon, but I had fun eating the insides! This picture was taken May 27 2011.ann4

Here is Ben and I on our wedding day! Things were really hectic that day, as most weddings were. But Ben is always so good at making me laugh and loosen up. Doesn’t he look so handsome in his tuxedo? 🙂 This picture was taken July 29 2011.


I can’t remember exactly what was going on this day, but I believe we had Sam and Lizzy, Ben’s brother and wife over for dinner. Here Ben was trying on my glasses and making me laugh. 🙂 It’s the little moments like these that are so priceless. This picture was taken in the fall of 2011.


Here’s Ben and I on our first year anniversary! We had gone to visit my friends Chantelle and Ryan Reich, and Ryan took us all flying. I looked for a picture of all of us together, but I guess we didn’t take one. That day was so much fun! It was a great anniversary too. This picture was taken July 29, 2011.


Ben and I went going mini-golfing with my parents for our first year anniversary! Again, I looked for a shot of all four of us, but I couldn’t find one. But, it was lots of fun! I love how well Ben gets along with my family. It really means a lot to me. 🙂 This picture was taken July 31, 2011.


Here, Ben and I built a snowman together! I think Ben eventually soaked this snowman in orange Gatorade, in honor of Halloween. Rexburg tends to get snow earlier in the year than other parts of the country. It was a fun day together. Ben sure knows how to have fun! This picture was taken October 27, 2012.


Here’s Ben and I on my 25th birthday! We had just gone through the Ethel M Chocolates factory, and I’m holding a bunch of gourmet chocolate bars in my hand. I think after this picture, we went on to check out the cactus factory in the complex. It was a super fun date, and was a great way to welcome in our new adventure in Las Vegas (Ben was on his first internship). This picture was taken May 2, 2013.


Here, Ben and I were checking out some Native American cliff dwellings near the Grand Canyon. The name of the park was Walnut Canyon National Monument. This was a fun weekend trip that we took during Ben’s internship. It was really fun seeing these cliff dwellings, and thinking about the lives of the Native Americans who had lived here. This picture was taken June 15, 2013.


And here’s us a year later! As you can tell, I’ve lost a little weight. 🙂 If you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you may have already seen this picture. We enjoyed a fun game of disc golfing at Terramont Park in the Woodlands. It was a fun game, although I could definitely use some improvement. I love spending time with Ben! This picture was taken July 18, 2014.


A few days ago, Ben and I headed out to Louisiana for a quick anniversary trip. In this picture, we were at Steamboat Bill’s, and just about to eat our dinner. You can see my fried catfish in the bottom corner of the picture. 🙂 It was a fun date, trying new foods. This picture was taken July 25, 2011.


And here is Ben and I together at the Sam Houston Jones State Park near Westlake, Louisiana. We had fun checking out the bayou and swampland. We saw lizards, dragonflies and lots of mosquitos, but no alligators (though we did see one at the visitor’s center). It was a fun trip, though it was brief.


I really feel so fortunate to have Ben in my life, and to know that I can lean on him for support. With all of the fun adventures that Ben and I have had these past three years, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next year!

Trip To Lake Charles, Louisianna

For our three year anniversary, Ben and I decided to go to Lake Charles, Louisiana! I grew up with Cajun food, thank to my dad’s amazing cooking skills, and was super excited to visit. And, it was lots of fun! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

When we first got to Lake Charles yesterday, we checked out the local visitor’s center. While there, I saw an amazing alligator sculpture, made by a a local artist. It’s like a 3D mosaic, and it’s super cool looking! We also got a Louisiana patch and some postcards from the gift shop. And, there were lots and lots of pamphlets to choose from!

I also got to a see a real alligator! They have a free alligator observatory right next to the visitor’s center. It was kind of cool seeing an alligator so up close. It was also pretty obvious that this gator had the right idea -it was super hot and humid! Staying under the water was probably the smart choice. 🙂 There was another alligator chilling underneath some bamboo plants.


After we unpacked our things at our motel room, we headed over to Steamboat Bill’s for some local cajun food! It’s a fun restaurant, with lots of cajun choices, as well as some more “normal” choices for the less brave. From crawfish to catfish to boudin to po’ boys to gumbo, there was lots of creole choices to choose from. We spent of a lot of time staring at the menu sign, trying to pick something from the huge list of choices (and by us, I mean me).


And here’s me being goofy! You can see all of the food we tried. I ordered some catfish and fries, and Ben got some gator bites and a boudin ball (it’s a type of rice/sausage mix that usually comes inside a sausage). Really, we sampled each other’s food and got to try a little of everything! I liked everything, especially Ben’s gator bites. 🙂 I actually really liked the jalapeno ranch that they served with the entrees. 🙂


And here’s us, the happy couple! I think Ben looks striking in his awesome hat and brand new shirt from the Boot Barn. It was a fun date, and we got to try a lot of fun things. We left full, and content. If you’re ever in Louisiana and happen to see a Steamboat Bill’s, I recommend it!

Then, today, we checked out Sam Houston Jones National Park, so we could see a real live bayou! We were hoping to see some alligators in the wild, but it was probably too hot a day to spot any.



But, as you can tell, the scenery was lovely! All in all, it was a fun trip, and a great way to celebrate three years of being married to such a fantastic man. 🙂