November Beauty Buys

I am starting a new beauty review series, called Monthly Beauty Buys. Today’s November Beauty Buys features hair care, body wash and a couple of cosmetics.

(Note: This post is not sponsored, and all products were purchased myself. No affiliate codes are present either. As always, my opinions are my own.)

Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo & Conditioner

Where: Walmart, $3.47 each

I have been using this duo for a week. So far, I love it! My hair is bouncy and shiny again. My scalp seems more balanced too – I can go a second day without my hair throwing a greasy fit. Since shampoos can be tricky, I will let you know what I think in a future empties post, once I finish it up.


Suave Essentials Milk & Honey Splash Body Wash

Where: Walmart, $1.88

I forgot how much I love Suave body wash! The price is great, and they smell fantastic. (As you can see, I am on a bit of a honey kick lately. ☺️) The one thing I will say is that the formula is very thin. I recommend using a washcloth or a loofah to make this body wash last longer.


L.A. Colors Contour Stick in Light

Where: Dollar Tree, $1

This was a surprise find! I chucked this little beauty in my shopping basket, not expecting much from it. I was surprised to find that it worked perfect as an under-eye concealer. In fact, it works better than my L’Oréal True Match Concealer (shade: n1)! I plan to go back and stock up on a few more.


Wet ‘N Wild Photofocus Foundation in Shell Ivory

Where: Walmart, $4.68

I bought this foundation mainly because I was being cheap. But, I was pleasantly surprised! It stays all day, and has good coverage. I also love that it isn’t too cakey, drying — or shiny.

I might try the fair-warm shade next time, instead of the fair-neutral. Although my skin is neutral toned, this formula leans a little too cool for my complexion.

That said, I think I found a new favorite!


L’Oréal Infallible Liquid Lipstick in Candy Man

Where: Walnart, $7.94

First off, this lipstick smells like chocolate pudding and brownies, which is ah-mazing!

Secondly, this is my all-time favorite formula for liquid lipstick. It stays on all day, and only slightly fades through meals. It isn’t drying, and looks fantastic.

You can read my in-depth review on the L’Oréal Infallible Liquid Lipstick.


That’s it for my November Beauty Buys post. Let me know if you have any products you would like me to try!

November Empties with Dana Maye!

Here is my latest empty post! This month’s beauty products center around hair and skincare.

(Note: This post is not sponsored, and all products were purchased myself. No affiliate codes are present either. As always, my opinions are my own.)

Empty #1: Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Where: Walmart, $5.97 each

I decided to try out a sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, plant-derived shampoo. This one is all of that and more. Instead of the primary ingredient being water, it is aloe vera juice, and so on.

For the first week, my hair seemed to love it. But after that, my hair began to lose its shine. My hair also became brittle, and began to break quite a bit, which was disappointing.

I haven’t tried any of the other shampoo and conditioner duos in this line, and I don’t intend to. I am trying a different shampoo & conditioner from the Garnier Fructis Whole Blends line. You can read about it in my November Buys post.

Rating: Bottom of the Waste Basket!

Empty # 2: L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation in 103 Natural Buff

Where: Walmart, $8.97

I loved this foundation. It lasted all day on me, which was exactly what I was looking for. I loved the even, flawless coverage, and that it was light enough for my freckles to still peek through. Without primer, I found it a tiny bit drying. With primer, it gave me the perfect demi-matte skin that I prefer.

Tip: I bought this foundation two shades too dark, so I used bronzer on my neck until I was able to finish it up.

I am a big fan of L’Oreal products, so I’m not surprised this one was a big hit for me. I will definitely buy  this foundation again, just not now. This month, as I am trying to save money, I bought the Wet ‘N Wild Photo Focus foundation. You can read more about it in my November Buys post.

Rating: A Beauty Must-Have!

Empties #3: Wet ‘N Wild Photofocus Matte Finish Setting Spray

Where: Walmart, $4.68

I love setting sprays. They are so helpful in keeping makeup looking fresh all day long. This one in particular helped keep my eye shadow (especially glitter eye shadow) looking flawless all day. The mist isn’t as fine as I wanted, but that only affected the experience of using the spray, not its performance. It kept my eye shadow, blush and contour on, which is what matters.

I do have to say that when looking at price-per-ounce, the L’Oreal Infallible Setting Spray is the same price. So, next time I buy a setting spray, I will try the L’Oreal version. That said, this is a great setting spray -and is the perfect size for travel!

Verdict: A (Cheap) Beauty Musthave!

Empty #4: OleHenriksen Truth Facial Water

Where: T.J. Maxx, $12

This spray smelled refreshing and lovely, but made no difference on my skin what so ever. Since, this is a Sephora-level skincare brand, I was hoping that it would at least help my skin look a little more refreshed and quenched. Sadly, it only made my face look wet.  This mist was very harsh too, which made using it a little jarring. It did smell good, and didn’t burn my skin, which is a plus…

I will definitely try a difference facial water spray next time.

Verdict: Bottom of the Waste Basket


Empty #5: Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel

Where: Sephora, free luxury sample (Full Size: $58)

I absolutely loved this hydration gel. It was the perfect moisturizer! I loved applying it underneath makeup, because it didn’t cause my foundation and primer to slide, or look too cakey or oily. Over the time of using it, my combination skin looked more balanced.

Due to the price, it will probably be a while before I buy it, but I do definitely think it is worth the cost. Perhaps as a birthday splurge.

Verdict: A (Luxury) Beauty Musthave! 


Empty #6: Phoera Liquid Eyeshadow in 101 Cream

Where:, $3

This metallic liquid eye shadow is meant to be a knock-off of the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow liquid eye shadow. I have tried both, and this one is nowhere near the Stila version. That said, it is still very pretty. If applied with an eye shadow primer, it lasts a long time, and the glitter is beautiful, if a little chunky. I was worried that being so cheap, it would sting my sensitive eyes, but it was actually very gentle.

I am trying out another liquid eye shadow, which you can learn more about in my November Buys post.

Verdict: A (Cheap) Beauty Musthave!


That’s it for now!

Dana Maye

Yardley London Soap


There’s a new soap in town! I’ve been looking all over for a nice bar of soap, or body wash that would leave my skin feeling soft, instead of dry and itchy. Well, Yardley London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar won the ballot! This soap smells lightly of lavender, and comes in a big bar. It’s your typical-looking ivory bar of soap, but instead of being drying, it works up to a beautiful lather, and leaves my skin soft and happy.


This soap was available at Kroger in a two-pack, and was on sale for $1.67. That’s a pretty good price, if you ask me. 🙂 I really like that it’s made without any parabens, and is SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) free! I’m starting to think my skin is allergic to that detergent, now that I’m cutting back on the amount of sodium lauryl sulfate in my beauty products. I also like that it’s made with lavender essential oil, and real lavender extract. The fact that this soap was not tested on animals, and has 100% recyclable packaging is pretty neat too. (Please keep in mind that there is tallow in this soap, so it is not  vegan).



The smell of this soap is very soothing, and I love using it. It’s so nice to have a good alternative for my sensitive skin. I was starting to despair that I would never find a product that was nice to my skin, smelled good, and actually cleaned.  I now have a soap I can rely on!

Update (12/11/15) -This soap seems to work better in more humid climates. I liked it a lot better in Houston than I have in Rexburg and Bismarck.

My All-Natural Beauty Routine


Right now, I am in the process of switching out different products in my skincare, shower, and beauty routine, with ones that are all-natural and eco-friendly. This has been a fun process, as I have discovered many cool products that happen to be better for me, and the environment! While I’m eager to have every product I used to be “green,” I understand that using up what I already have –and respecting my budget –is the way to go. J So far, here are the products that I have switched out.


1.     Dr. Bronner’s Magic Castille Soap in Rose – I use this liquid soap for my face wash, and it is amazing. It has a nice, light, rose scent, and it is so gentle on my skin. Plus, it is 100% all natural, non-GMO, Certified Vegan, cruelty free and carries the Leaping Bunny seal, and contains certified Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. I love using such an ethical products, and one that works so well. It is so hard for me to find a product that doesn’t irritate my skin, as my face is super sensitive. But this stuff works!

2.     Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara –This is the cleanest, greenest mascara that Physician’s Formula carries. I love it. I think it builds beautifully, while still giving me a natural look. I feel like other mascaras have left my eyelashes looking stiff and crunchy. I also love that it’s a dream to take off. No, it’s not waterproof, but it doesn’t smudge easily. And, it’s 100% natural, 70% organic, and contains no parabens, harsh chemicals, or artificial dyes or fragrances. I love this stuff and intend to buy it again and again.

3.     Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Warm Nude Eyeliner Trio –I love this set of eyeliner, and it was affordable priced. I think it came out to 3.30 an eyeliner. The colors are copper, bronze, and black. I’ve used all three, and love how they look. They are soft to apply, and stay pretty well. They’re not waterproof either, but again, are easy to take off. These eyeliners are paraben free, gluten free, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic. I’m sure there’s a greener eyeliner out there, but right now, these are a great transition.

4.     Homemade Crayon Lip Balm in Orchid –I made this DIY Crayon Lipstick, and blogged about it previously. It is made of two simple ingredients –half a crayon, and organic coconut oil. In colder dryer climates like Idaho, this lip color behaves more like a lipstick, but here in Texas, it’s more like a colored lip balm. While crayons do have dyes in them, I think it’s pretty safe, as crayons are made to be safe enough for toddlers to eat. 🙂 It certainly has a lot less chemicals than typical lip balms. I think the color is really pretty, and it feels nice on my lips. I have really enjoyed this DIY creation of mine.

5.     Organix Shampoo in Coconut Water –While this isn’t 100% natural, it is SLE/SLS free, has lots of organic ingredients, and less harmful chemicals.I do intend to find a greener product, but until then, this is a great choice. It’s a nice light shampoo that doesn’t leave lots of residue in my hair. It also doesn’t irritate my hairline, which I’ve been having troubles with my past shampoos. I love the smell too. It smells delicious, but isn’t too overpowering of a coconut scent. I can’t wait to get the matching conditioner for this.