Sparkle and Shine With … Maybelline Master Chrome Purple Highlighter!

Maybelline Master Chrome Purple 100 Highlighter 1.jpg

I thought it would be fun to try a purple highlighter! Highlighters are a relatively recent addition to my beauty routine, and I love them! Today I am reviewing the Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter in the shade 100.

(This highlighter was part of my Amazon Beauty Haul.)

Maybelline Master Chrome Purple 100 Highlighter 2

I love this highlighter! It is definitely a bolder choice than my Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter. It is both glittery and metallic, and brings a fun vibe to my makeup. You can definitely see the purple sheen, which I was hoping for.

This would look great as part of a fun festival-inspired look or even a glam, New Year’s look! I think it would also be fun as an eyeshadow.

You can buy it on Amazon for $7.66.


Dana Maye 💚

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Fabulous for the Holidays… NYX Matte Perfect Red Lipstick!

NYX Matte Perfect Red Lipstick 2.jpg

Happy Holidays! I decided to wear a glam look today in celebration of Christmas.

Today’s starring makeup product is from a line I have already tried. I loved my NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural so much that I decided to try another shade -Perfect Red.

(This lipstick was part of my Amazon Beauty Haul post.)

NYX Matte Perfect Red Lipstick 1

I adore this shade! It’s a neutral red, and works great with my skin tone. It even works with my hair, which can be tricky to find. I definitely recommend!

You can buy it for $2.99 on Amazon.


Dana Maye 💚

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Brand New Beauty Release… L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Lip Ink!

L'Oreal Rouge Signature I Achieve Lip Ink 1.jpg

I tried out one of L’Oreal’s newest lip products! It’s the L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Lip Ink in the shade I Achieve. It’s a pretty peachy orange.

(This was part of my Walmart Beauty Haul post.)

According to the L’Oreal Website, the Rouge Signature Lip Ink  is a “lightweight matte colored ink with a stain-like feel and the color impact of a liquid lipstick. It’s long-lasting wear with less texture and more color.”

L'Oreal Rouge Signature I Achieve Lip Ink 2

I love the formula. It’s super lightweight and velvety -I could barely feel it on my lips. And yet, it lasted through five hours and one meal. Pretty impressive for a lip product!

I would love to try the Rouge Signature Lip Ink in different shades!

You can buy this lip stain on Amazon for $7.48.


Dana Maye 💚

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My Favorite Moisturizer… Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Gel Cream!

When it comes to face creams, I like two different kinds -thick and creamy, and light and gel-like. This one falls in the gel category.

I like this face moisturizer for the day, as it absorbs into the skin quickly, and goes well under sunscreen and makeup.

It has a nice, clean scent and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. A little bit goes a long way, which is nice, as the container has only an ounce of product.

You can buy the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Gel Cream on Amazon for $6.62. I chose the Combination/Oily version.


Dana Maye 💚

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New Crystals for My Collection!

Bismarck Rocks Crystals Gemstones 1

When I went to Treasures of Sea and Earth last week, I picked up five little beauties for my crystal and rock collection. Here is each rock and their metaphysical properties:


Bismarck Rocks Crystals Gemstones 2

According to Sage Goddess, “Pinolith infuses the intellect with deep peace for more effective meditations, promotes heartfelt love for self and others, activates the Crown Chakra while simultaneously grounding the mind, keeps you steady in the midst of anxiety.”


Bismarck Rocks Crystals Gemstones 6.jpg

According to Sage Goddess, “For the spiritual adventurer, this is the gemstone of self-discovery. Perceive with your inner eye, work to heal patterns that no longer serve you, and uncover your Highest Awareness. You will tap into your deepest sense of wisdom and seeing. It is a stone that strengthens intuition and raises consciousness. It also imparts strength and perseverance. It keeps you on the path of inner healing and new change.”


Bismarck Rocks Crystals Gemstones 5

According to Sage Goddess, “Considered the stone of evolution, African Turquoise brings about great change and transformation within life. Its encouraging energy opens minds to the possibility of newness. This stone helps us to see the need for development and metamorphosis, and provides the balance and confidence necessary to further the process of self-development. It will renew your spirit, energy, and path in life.”


Bismarck Rocks Crystals Gemstones 3

According to Healing Stones Healing Crystals, “Kiwi Jasper is a pale seafoam green color with black & clear crystal spotting effect throughout the stones. It’s a nurturing stone, a good stone for the healers to use on the behalf of others. A good stone for people in counseling or therapy, who want to overcome addictions or compulsive behavior, & gather up their strength for the battles ahead (emotional).”


Bismarck Rocks Crystals Gemstones 4

According to Sage Goddess, “Natural blue fluorite is, in fact, the stone of flow, which means its entire purpose is to get you back on track and into a state of grace, manifestation, acceptance, and peace. Think of the way an ocean moves. It flows free and wild, surging with a natural tide, allowing and not resisting. In spirit, we need to move like the ocean.”

And those are the five rocks I bought at Treasures of Sea and Earth!

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My New Gorgeous Eyeshadow… Revlon Color Stay Caramel Creme Eyeshadow!

I found a new favorite eyeshadow! It’s the Revlon Color Stay Creme Eyeshadow in the shade Caramel. It costs only $5.09 on Amazon!

(This eyeshadow was part of my Amazon Beauty Haul.)

It’s an easy to apply metallic bronze and looks stunning. It’s perfect for a glam look like in this picture, or for a quick 5 minute makeup day. It comes with a built in brush that makes applying the eyeshadow stress free. I’m in love! ❤️❤️❤️


Dana Maye 💚

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