Music Monday: Fréro Delavega


I am starting a brand new blog series, called Music Monday!

Music has always been a deep love and integral part of my life. 💙 I love to listen to the human voice (it’s my favorite instrument!) But sometimes — and especially when at work — I can get distracted by the lyrics. To combat this, I love to listen artists sing in foreign languages.

Lately I have dived into the world of French pop and folk music. There, I discovered an amazing duo –Fréro Delavega! This music group first premiered on the third season of France’s version of the Voice (The Voice: La Plus Belle Voix). While singers Jérémy Frérot and Flo Delavega did not go on to win the season, they have enjoyed success with their two albums: Fréro Delavega and Des Ombres Et Des Lumieres. In addition to their amazing voices, I love the folk influences, syncopation and acoustic guitar in these songs. 💚

Here are five of my favorite songs by Fréro Delavega:

I hope you enjoy Fréro Delavega as much as I do! 💛💖💚


Hot Cookie Mama


While at Support the Badge for one of my Mandalorian Mercenary events, I found a new treasure -Hot Cookie Mama! I love the cute little pink caboose -it was the fun color that drew my attention first. I couldn’t help but take a peek.


They have lots of fun types of cookies, and ice-cream treats as well. The prices are more than fair, and the food delicious.


I had one of the gourmet chocolate cookies, and as you can tell I loved it. 🙂 Next time I want to try the Granola Muncher or the Tree Hugger cookie.

I can’t wait to see the Hot Cookie Mama booth at the next fair or event!

Hot Cookie Mama Facebook Page

(701) 426-1957


Weekly Round Up: October 3 -9


Here is my round up of blog posts for last week!


Spencer Opal Mines -my first time mining for my own rocks!


Mint Sunglasses and Skinny Jeans -more thrifting and budget shopping fun. 🙂


My Adventures as a Mandalorian Mercenary -my escapades this summer in a Star Wars costume club.


Thrifting Tips: Create A Wish List! -my new blog series that gives thrift shopping advice


Spencer Idaho Opal Mines


One of my favorite parts of my trip to Oregon, was actually a road stop in Idaho. Ben and I went to the Spencer Opal Mines and had so much fun. 🙂 It costed $15 a person, and we spent a few hours searching for hidden treasure.


The type of opal found at the Spencer Opal Mine is the milky white opal. Unlike peacock opals from Las Vegas, these little friends do not need to be protected with moisture.


It was a lot of looking, spraying with water (so you can remove all the dust), and more looking. Randy, an opal expert showed us examples of opal, and helped us tell the difference between opal with color play, and “common” opal. I was excited to find a few pieces with opal.

Ben definitely found the best piece. He could have taken it to a jeweler to make a ring. But, Ben likes the raw, rough quality of the uncut opal. I do have to agree that it looks pretty neat.


I also found George, and couldn’t wait to bring him home! He is made out of rhyolite and obsidian, which the is matrix surrounding the opals in Spencer. I love the pink, blobby stripes running across the surface. He is probably my favorite find at the opal mine.


This was so much fun -I am definitely hooked on finding my own gems. I’d love to try panning for gold or garnets in the future!

Mint Sunglasses and Skinny Jeans

                                                  Shh… I know it’s dark! 🙂

Sigh. I have a problem with smashing sunglasses. So here is another pair, this time in mint green. I had actually looked all over down-town for sunglasses, and couldn’t find any. Apparently it’s the wrong time of year for sun wear…. But, thankfully, Wal-Mart always has sunglasses on hand. I was so excited when I found this cute pair sitting in the $5 section! I love to wear green whenever I possibly can. 🙂


Also, I promised to show some clothing from my yard sale post, so here is that pair of skinny jeans! They are so comfy, and so fun to wear. My button up is pretty simple, but it keeps the focus on the mint. 🙂 And alas, the grass decided to swallow my flats, but I assure you that they are leopard print. If you read my blog often, you’ve probably seen this pair of flats 8000 times.

My outfit deconstructed:

  • Mint Sunglasses: $5, New (Wal-Mart)
  • Navy Button Up Shirt: $2.50, Thrifted (Converse)
  • Mint Skinny Jeans: $.75, Yard sale’d (YMI)
  • Leopard Print flats: $9.99, “New”- bought in 2012 (Payless)

Adventures as a Mandalorian Mercenary



This summer, I have spent a lot of time volunteering in a Star Wars costume club, called the Mandalorian Mercenaries. It has been a lot of fun working with the local “clan,” and I have been able to be a part of some great causes.

If you remember, I first wrote about Ben building a set of Star Wars “Boba Fett” armor in my November 2015 post called My Love Affair With Green. The costumes and adventures have come a long way since then. Not only is Ben an official member -so am I!

Here is a summary of my Mandalorian excursions:

12.19.15 Custom Endodontics Private Showing 


The first event I went to was the Star Wars Episode VII opening night. This was before I had a suit of armor myself. Steve Osmond, dentist at the Custom Endodontics clinic in Bismarck, decided to host a showing for his patients. It was way fun to attend, and talk to the kids.

4.23.16 Imagicon Event


In April we were able to go to the Imagicon event in Minot, ND. It was my first time at a comic convention! By this point, I had a suit of armor, but was not officially approved. It was my first time wearing my armor period -and wow it was heavy!


We did an event called, Jail ‘N Bail, where people could pay to have one of their friends arrested by a bounty hunter. We raised money for juvenile diabetes at this particular event.


5.7.16 Free Comic Book Day


We were able to support an event Juke Joint Comics, a local Bismarck comic shop. As the store handed out free comics, we waved people over to the shop and took pictures with fans. The lines outside of Juke Joint Comics were way long, so we had the chance to talk to a lot of really cool people. I loved seeing the girls ask their moms to take pictures with me.


6.10.16 Corecon


We went to a second convention in Fargo, ND.  At this event, we didn’t earn any money, but we did promote the  group and participate in the wedding.


I enjoyed this convention much more. It was more fantasy than comic-book themed, and they had lots of cool vendors. I found a way cool corset and a steam punk Slytherin necklace.


Now more about this wedding. As I mentioned, this Star Wars-themed wedding was part of the Core Con, which was the main reason we came. The groom and bride were Todd and Denise Sheppard. The Mandalorian Mercs, along with the other two Stars Wars costume clubs, were asked to come as part of the procession and entertainment. Now that was memorable!

6.11.16 ND Autism Walk


I was able to act as a mascot at the ND Autism walk, which was super neat.

Left: My Cousin Celeste; Middle: My Cousin Shadd; Right: My Aunt Debi

This event was chosen by the clan leader, Rick Carmen. But the Autism walk has a special meaning for me too. My cousin Shadd has autism, and he is one of the most beautiful souls that I know.


We were able to take pictures with kids, and Ben even participated in one of the walks.



7.29.16 -Movie Night at the Hoskins



The Hoskins’ movie night was my first event as an official member of the Mandalorian Mercs. It was also my 5th year anniversary. I’m pretty sure that this makes me the coolest wife ever. 🙂


Jamie Hoskins decided to host a Star Wars movie night at their house every Friday during the summer. They projected the movie on the side of the house, and lots of people would attend. We were able to come to the final night, when the movie was Episode VI, Return of the Jedi. Ben, Robert and I showed up to add some fun for the kids.

8.27.16 Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota 5k



I was super excited to go to the Prevent Child Abuse 5k. At this event, I did not dress up in my armor, as I wasn’t feeling super well. Technically I was a “handler,” which meant that I helped with armor issues and other errands. Mainly I strapped on my blasters and handed out trading cards to the children.


Speaking of which, by this point, I had my own trading card!


It was fun to see all the kids dressed up as super heroes. 🙂

9.25.16 Support the Badge


The most recent event I attended was the Support the Badge /Hops for Cops event. It was a family-friendly fair that focused on building better community relationships with the local police department.They had country singers, lots of food vendors, and other activities.


One of the things we did was take pictures with kids and their families. We had a pretty good club turn out at this event. 🙂


Our main event was the Blast A Troop/Mandalorian activity, where kids -of all ages -could come and shoot Mandalorians with nerf guns.


I mostly manned the table, and talked to fun people.

And that’s it for my Mando adventures so far!

Ben has a whole blog about the Mandalorian Mercs -it’s called Mandalorian Armor. Head on over if you’d like to take a peek.


Thrifting Tips -Create a Wish List!


I love the mystery and intrigue that comes with thrift shopping -I never know what I am going to find! This can be both a blessing and a curse. If I’m not careful, I will end up with a wardrobe full of super cool, super random clothing. If I can’t mix and match  my wardrobe easily, I feel like I have nothing to wear. Thankfully there are ways to combat this.

One way that I make sure to keep my thrift shopping in check is to shop with a wish list. When I look for specific items at thrift stores, it helps me be more discerning, and buy what will really benefit my wardrobe. Also, I am more likely to find amazing things when I am consciously looking for them.

A few tips:

  1. Keep your list under 10 items. This will make thrift shopping with a wish list less daunting.
  2. Think about colors -and neutrals -that can enhance your wardrobe. Right now I am looking for more green and more navy.
  3. Look for “filler” items. These are the so-called boring clothing staples that can stretch your wardrobe -like white button up shirts, black t-shirts, etc.
  4. Think about occasion pieces. Do you need more work clothes, more dresses, or more casual clothing?
  5. Silhouettes are another great way to shop. I tend to buy a-line skirts, so I make a conscious effort to look for other silhouettes, such as pencil skirts or maxi-skirts.

This wish list tip is one of the key components of my thrift shopping strategy. Let me know if you take a thrifting wish list on one of your thrift shopping adventures!