My Summer Adventures


I can’t believe it’s already autumn! Time sure flies fast. Since I didn’t get around to posting as much as I wanted, I’ll do a recap of my summer. Here’s some of my summer adventures:

  • We went to a wedding for Ben’s sister, Katie in Santa Barbara, California. It was a mad dash getting everything together, but that was part of the fun.
  • I worked on my dining chair project. I’m sanding the down the chairs so I can stain and varnish them later. It is a lot more work than I anticipated!
  • I enjoyed Ben’s gardening. He grew lovely flowers for me, and the tomatoes were ah-mazing.
  • We went on bonfires with friends.
  • Ben and I went to ImagiCon out in Minot. There, I dressed up for the Mandalorian Mercs (a Star Wars non-profit charity organization), I found a steel boned corset, and I enjoyed a wedding reception.
  • We had a super fun 4th of July party. It was British themed, as we were feeling mischievous. There was amazing cake, and lots of fireworks.
  • We went to a 1950’s themed party. I managed to find the coolest costume at Seeds of Hope for $6.

I participated in a lot more Mandalorian Mercs events, which I will post about later. I’ll also post about my family reunion at the Oregon Coast.

Sunset at the Oregon Coast



I just got back from my trip to the Oregon coast, and had an amazing time! It was a family reunion, and it was so nice to spend time with my family. The ocean was so beautiful, as were the sunsets. I took this picture when out with my mom one night.


Here is another shot of the gorgeous ocean, in Yachats, Oregon. I love sharing the beauty of nature. 🙂

Rebecca at “Simple As That” blog

If you haven’t been on vacation in a while, go! I really do believe that vacations help nourish and heal the soul. So take some time off, find an oasis in nature, and recharge.



Canadian Candy


Okay, okay, just one more post about Canada, I promise. 😉 Ben and I love candy, so we had to bring some back with us.

So, quiz: Do you know what a Canadian Smartie is? It’s not the same as American Smarties! A Canadian smartie is similar to an M&M, except crunchier. In my opinion, they taste way better (although, I don’t like M&Ms…)


In Canada, what we call smarties are actually called Rockets. Apparently when Smarties Inc. brought this candy to Canada, they gave it a new name to reduce confusion. 🙂


Here are the many candies we brought back: Milka, Mars, Bounty, Nestle Aero, Dolfin dark chocolate bar, KitKats, Turkish delights (box and bar), Scottish fudge bar, Smarties, and Rockets. We also brought back a bag of ketchup flavored chips (yuk!)

We noticed that at least in Winnipeg, KitKat bars are really popular. They had chunky and mini style, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and specialty flavors like mint chocolate.


Ben had to get this bounty bar. Bounty bar, Bounty hunter… get it? Oh, those Star Wars puns…. Anyway, it is basically a milk chocolate Mounds bar. Since Ben doesn’t like coconut, I ate it.

turkish delight.jpg

I’ve really wanted to try Turkish delights since reading the Chronicles of Narnia. And voila, here they are! These are flavored lemon and rose. I like the rose, but Ben said it tastes like a thousand rose petals, and not in a good way.


At one of our dinner get-togethers, we busted out that bag of ketchup potato chips. Spencer refused to have any, because he had already tried them… and hated them. We all crowded around the bag of chips trying them. Ugh, I didn’t like them! But one of  our friends, Celeste, did like them. She ended up eating the entire bag. 🙂

Next time I head back to Canada I am stocking up on smarties and KitKat bars!


Trip To Canada, Day 4

peace gardens

On the last day of our trip, we headed out of Winnipeg and to the Canadian-American border to see the International Peace Garden! The Peace Garden represents the goodwill between Canada and the United States.

international peace gardens.jpg

The garden grounds were beautiful and serene.

peace gardens2
Spencer and Noelle standing next to the Peace Garden Monument


We learned that the Peace Garden monument will actually be taken down this fall. The concrete is crumbling, due to harsh weather conditions in Manitoba. The Canadian government is planning to restore the monument, although we didn’t learn when.

cactus garden

In the visitor’s center, there was also a cool cactus garden. 🙂

All in all, our trip to Canada was so much fun. And now I can say I’ve left the country! 🙂


My Trip to Canada

Trip to Canada, Day 3


On Day 3, we went to the Assiniboine Park. We really wanted to go see the Winnie the Pooh exhibit at the Assiniboine Pavilion Gallery, but it was closed for renovation.

It turns out that Winnie the Pooh’s inspiration started in Winnipeg! Lieutenant Harry Colebourn bought a bear from a hunter, and named her Winnipeg after his hometown. Eventually, Winnie, or Winnipeg made her way to the London zoo, where she inspired A.A. Milne to write children’s stories. How cool is that?

Even though we weren’t able to see the exhibit, we still found a lot of fun encased in that little park!


There were some fun trails that we walked through, with lots of beautiful trees.


Here’s Noelle and Spencer checking out a plant species sign.


We did get to go into the Assiniboine Park Observatory. They had some cool plant rooms, including an inside rainforest.


This is where I met my new friend Eddie the Elephant. (I love elephants!)


And we got couple’s pictures, of course!


Noelle and Spencer, in the tulip room.

zoo train

There was even an Assiniboine Park train that we could wave at. 🙂

And finally, next up is Canada Day 4!


My Trip to Canada


Trip to Canada, Day 2 -Part III


d2 4

Now on to Day 2, Part III! In typical Ben style, we had to do something Star-Wars related. Ben is part of a costume club, where they dress up as Mandalorians -basically Boba Fett, the bounty hunter, but with different colors. 🙂 They had a meetup in Winnipeg, and Ben was stoked to meet his fellow club members.

Mandalorian Mercenaries Meetup


Here’s Spencer standing next to carbonite Han Solo.

d2 3

And here’s Noelle and I, looking around, bemused.


But of course we can’t forget about R2D2!



Celebrations Dinner Theater


Noelle, Spencer, Ben and I all love theatre , so we decided to go to a local dinner theatre, called Celebrations. The showing was called Rock Around The Clock, and was a reality TV dance contest set in the 1950’s.


In this picture, I’m wearing a green silk scarf that I got for $1.50! (We stopped by a Value Village thrift store before the show).

spencer and noelle

And, here’s Spencer and Noelle.


The musical was interspersed throughout a four-course meal, that had fun names like My Golly Molly Red Velvet cake. It was super cute, and we loved it.

Next up is Day 3!


My Trip to Canada

Trip to Canada, Day 2 -Part II


Welcome to part II of Day 2 in Canada! This trip really was a blast. 🙂

The Firefighters Museum

Next, we popped over to the Fire Fighters Museum. We didn’t have enough time for a tour, but had fun looking around.

fire engine

Ben really wanted to come to this museum. You see, when he was little, he wanted to grow up to be a fire engine. 🙂

fire engine 2

Though he is now a purchasing/estimating assistant, Ben’s passion for firetrucks still burns in his heart. 🙂 Ben was super stoked to try on some firefighter gear. 🙂


Winnipeg Railway Museum


spencer and noelle

We then popped over to the Winnipeg Railway Museum. They had several different types of trains in the museum, and they used passenger cars as exhibits! It was really neat.

d2 6

We could also sit in the conductor’s seat.

d2 5

And here’s me goofing around! 🙂


The Forks Market



Next we headed over to the Forks Market. It’s a tourist spot, and we figured we would peek around.


It had lots of fun little shops, ranging from artisan crafts to New Age to international shops. Ben and I promptly loaded up on candy! Ben also bought me an adorable little red elephant. 🙂



Ben and I walked to the top tower of the market, and found a lovely view.

sri lanka

I really liked the international food court. Ben and I also tried some Sri Lankan chicken with curried noodles. It was spicy, even for me!

And on to Part III!


My Trip to Canada