Celebration Time, Come On!


North Dakota is having a heat stroke! This winter has been unbelievably mild. I love it. I decided to celebrate by pulling out my awesome new pants! That, and going on a fun walk with my sister Heather. It really is just beautiful out today. It’s 61 degrees out – total t-shirt weather! I stopped by this lovely house and thought it would be a fun place for a photo shoot. It reminds me of Ben. 🙂 (He works in construction).


But let me tell you about these pants. As usual, I found them at the Digger Room at the Seeds of Hope thrift shop. I saw this glorious pair of pants strewn across a pile of clothes, and snatched them up immediately. Apparently they were too loud and crazy for the average digger, but not for me! They remind me of seventies disco, and the ocean. Of course, I also love the color. I have so much blue, green, teal and turquoise in my closet. I think it makes up most of my wardrobe these days.

My awesome sister Heather and I on a cook out in 2010.

Ben said they remind him of a pair of pants I used to wear back in the day. I think I can see a resemblance. These jeans had a really fun bleach splatter to them. What can I say? I like pants with a personality. 🙂


I also love this necklace! I found it at Boehm for $3! I went with my awesome sister-in-law Lizzie when we went to visit her in Boise recently. When I walked into Boehm, I fell in love. The clothes were so fun and cute.  I managed to find this delicate little necklace on the jewelry clearance rack. It has gold and crystal disco balls on it. I think it’s very fitting for this outfit. 🙂


My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Navy T-shirt -Part of $1 Digger Bag, thrifted (Velvet)
  • Gold Necklace -$3, new (Boehm)
  • My Super Duper Fancy Pants – Part of $1 Digger Bag, thrifted (Express)
  • Black Sneakers -$50, new (New Balance)

And that’s my blog post for today. What do you think?




Down East & Thrifting -Part 4


Today is the last part of my Down East & Thrifting Series. My Down East Haul finds sure can stretch far and wide! I decided it was just too cold out, and opted for an inside photo shoot. 🙂 Today I am showing off three dresses from Down East.

This first one is a little brown dress. 🙂 It has a simple design to it, and it’s easy to layer and helps stretch my wardrobe. I guess you could call it an LBD for redheads. 🙂 I paired it with a really fun hunter green necklace from One World Boutique and some rose-colored rose tights. 🙂

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Little Brown Dress: $5, New (Down East haul)
  • Green Necklace: $9.99, New (One World Boutique)
  • Rose Tights: $2, New (Icing)
  • Brown Leather Boots: $8, Thrifted


You last saw this dress in my Brother -in-Law’s Wedding post. 🙂 I’m wearing it here more like a skirt. I thinking the green tights are fun. To make the look a little less like Elphaba, I paired the tights with green flats. Plus, it gives a longer leaner line. 🙂

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Blue Button Up Blouse: $2, Thrifted (Old Navy)
  • Gray Dress: $5, New (Down East haul)
  • Green Tights: $4, New (Kroger Supermarket)
  • Green Flats: $5, Thrifted (Nine West)
  • Tiger’s Eye and Agate Necklace: $0, Handmade with Gifted Beads 🙂


This is my favorite dress of the three. It is green, and just so dang cute! I wear it a lot with brown boots, but I decide to try black boots. I still like it better with brown, but this is a fun look. I love green, and I struggle with not pulling this little beauty out every time I want to wear a dress!

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Green Dress: $5, New (Down East haul)
  • Sunflower Pendant: $3, Thrifted
  • Black Boots: $5, Thrifted

And that’s the end of my Down East & Thrifting Series! I hope you liked it. Now that you’ve seen all twelve outfits, which one is your favorite? You can tell me in the comment section below.


Down East & Thrifting -Part 3


Welcome to part three of my Down East and Thrifting series! In case you didn’t know, I did a Down East Haul post a while back, and I’m showcasing my finds. Today, I am doing jeans and casual wear. And yes… brr! Snow is beautiful, but oh so cold… 🙂 I’m doing my best to focus on the beauty this winter.

I love cropped jeans -I think they are a lot more flattering than capris! For this picture, I just rolled up a pair of my regular cut off jeans. These are a bit too big, so I put on a blue belt. Pardon the random pole by the tree. We can just pretend I’m tap dancing.  🙂

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Brown Long-Sleeve Layering Tee: $3, New (Down East haul)
  • Pink Sweater Vest: Part of $1 Bag, Thrifted (Field Gear)
  • Jeans: Part of $2, Yard Sale (Black House White Market)
  • Blue Skinny Belt: $2, Thrifted
  • Red Flats: $5, New (Rue 21)
  • Pearls (Part of 3 piece set): $8, Thrifted


This outfit is pretty simple. It’s purple with a lot of black, but sometimes you just need a simple outfit. 🙂 The black boots help step it up a bit though. I also wear a lot of cardigans, because you know… North Dakota is cold… 🙂

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Black Skinny Pants: $8, Thrifted (Target)
  • Black High Heeled Boots: $5, Thrifted
  • Black Cardigan: $2, Thrifted (Ambience Apparel)
  • Purple Layering Tee: $3, New (Down East Haul)

casual wear

I love this outfit. Again, cardigans are great in cold weather! I wear lots of layers. 🙂 Here, I have the same pair of jeans that I wore previously, and the blue belt is hiding underneath my shirt. I love this purple cable knit cardigan, especially the satin edge. I’m also wearing leopard print flats, but they’re covered up by the snow. Let me tell you, my feet were red when I hopped back inside!

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Purple Cardigan: $4, Thrifted (Old Navy)
  • Egyptian Necklace: $5, New (Rue 21)
  • Brown Layering Tee: $3, New (Down East Haul)
  • Jeans: Part of $2 Bag Sale, Yard Sale (White House Black Market)
  • Leopard Print Flats: $10, New (Payless Shoes)

Which one is your favorite? 🙂 Let me know in the comments below!



Down East & Thrifting -Part 2



Yesterday was the slacks edition, and today is all about skirts! I’m really having fun showing off my pieces from the Down East Haul, as well as my thrift store finds. 🙂 And yes, it is very, very cold outside. 🙂

I think this outfit is a fun look! I love how the white skirt matches the snow. I found this really neat leather jacket at the Seeds of Hope $1 bag sale, and I fell in love with it. I’m so glad it fit when I got home!

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Brown Leather Jacket: Part of $1 Bag, Thrifted (YMI)
  • Green and Blue Striped Shirt: $5, Thrifted (Target)
  • White Summer Skirt: $5, New (Down East haul)
  • Brown Boots: $8 Thrifted
  • Pearl Necklace: $3, Thrifted (This necklace has shown up so many times on my blog!)


This outfit is a little better for North Dakota. The midi length helps to keep me warm, and I rather like the china blue pattern to it. I paired it with red flats and a yellow shirt, but the navy jacket helps to tonE it down a bit. This jacket was also found at the $1 bag sale. 🙂

My Outfit Deconstructed

  • Yellow Layering Tee: $3, New, (Down East Haul)
  • Navy Jacket: Part of $1 Bag Sale, Thrifted (Vanity)
  • Red Ballet Flats: $5, New (Rue 21)
  • Blue Midi Skirt: Part of $1 Bag Sale, Thrifted (Worthington)


Now, I love this outfit! That little black satin shirt is one of my first thrift store finds ever. I found it when I was clothes shopping in preparation for college. Although it is almost 10 years old, it’s still in great shape! I also thought the purple tights and bright necklace as a fun addition to the all black outfit. 🙂

My Outfit Deconstructed

  • Black Satin Shirt: $4, Thrifted (Express)
  • Black Sparkly Pencil Skirt: $5, New (Down East haul)
  • Fashion Statement Necklace: Gifted by my awesome coworker Jane! (Charming Charlie)
  • Purple Tights: $4, New (Kroger Supermarket)
  • Black Pumps: $3 New (Comfort Plus)

Which one is your favorite! You can leave a comment below!

Down East & Thrifting Part 1


It’s a lovely day here in North Dakota. The sky is blue, the sun is bright, and …it’s exactly 1 degree Fahrenheit! It was so gorgeous out that I decided to brave the cold for this photo shoot. 🙂 I realized that I hadn’t shown off the clothes that I got from my Down East Haul, and I figured I should remedy that! Plus, I can show off some of my thrift store finds while I’m at it. 🙂

I adore this J. Crew sweater! I just love the look and feel of it! It is 100% merino wool, super warm, and super soft. I got it for free! Seeds of Hope, one of Bismarck’s thrift stores, has a room that is $1 a bag Tuesday -Thursday, and free on Fridays. I had seen it the day before and figured it would be gone before I came back. But there it was, hanging just for me!

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Brown and Black Merino Wool Cardigan: $0, Thrifted (J.Crew)
  • Brown 3/4 Sleeve Layering Tee: $3, New (Down East haul)
  • Black Pinstripe Pants: Part of $1 Sale, Thrifted (Maurices)
  • Black Pumps: $3, Thrifted (Comfort Plus)



This is a fun little number. You can’t tell, but the pants are high waist in a 1950’s cut that look really cute and retro. I’ll have to show them off in a different post. 🙂 I really like the orange and navy. I think it’s striking without being over the top.

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Orange Layering Tee: $3, New (Down East haul)
  • Navy Short Sleeve Blouse: Part of $1 Bag, Thrifted (Maurices)
  • Navy Slacks: Part of $1 Bag, Thrifted (Marianne Fashion)
  • Leopard Print Flats: $9, New (Payless Shoes)
  • Gold, Mint and Orange Floral Necklace: Gift (from my awesome Mom-in-law!)



I really love J.Crew. I am so stoked to have a thrift store nearby that sells this brand! I think the olive and green flats is a fun, wear to work combination. Granted, we have a strictly blue shirt policy at my work, but that’s okay. 🙂 I’ll wear on the weekend when I want to look nice.

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Gray Merino Wool Cardigan: $5, Thrifted (J.Crew)
  • Olive Short Sleeve Layering Tee: $3, New (Down East haul)
  • Gray Slacks: $2, Thrifted (Tracy Evans Limited)
  • Green Flats -$3, Thrifted (Nine West)
  • Black Clay Rose Necklace, $5, New (Walmart)

P.S. If you ever decide to come to North Dakota during the winter, please don’t walk out of the house like this! You will freeze your buns off!!! Bring a warm coat and scarf!


My First Re-Fashion Post!


I decided to do my first refashion post! In case you don’t know, refashioning is when you take an item of clothing and give it a new life. I decided to take a bright orange turtleneck sweater and turn it into a skirt!

I should have taken a before picture, but oh well. Basically, I cut off the sleeves, and sewed down the sides to make the skirt a little narrower. 🙂 It was a pretty simple change, and I think it turned out well!

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Gray Sweater -Thrifted, Part of $1 Bag (George, Walmart)
  • Orange Turtleneck Turned Into Skirt -Thrifted, Part of $1 Bag (Maurices)
  • Brown Leather Boots -$8, Thrifted
  • Teal Tights -$2, Icing
  • Pearls – $3, Thrifted  (I’ve had these pearls for forever… they’ve featured in several blog posts. 🙂 )

Ben and I went to Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt place for date night. I was very amused to find out that my skirt matched the restaurant. I should have taken a picture of Ben and me while we were there, but we were too busy enjoying our frozen yogurt. I got pistachio and blackberry! But here’s how the general set up looks. Don’t I match? 🙂


My Thrifted Christian Dior Blazer!


There are some weeks that I have good finds at the thrift store, and there are some weeks that I hit the jackpot! This week, I went to Seeds of Hope during their Free Friday Digger’s Sale, and found this little gem tossed aside in one of the bins. I couldn’t believe my luck! I quickly tried it on the room, determined it fit okay, and brought it home. It ended up looking even cuter than I thought I would! That same day, I also managed to find a cashmere sweater and a knock-off Gucci purse. I got it all for under $20! It was such a good thrifting day!


My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Green Cashmere Sweater: $5 Thrifted
  • Blazer: Free! Thrifted (Christian Dior)
  • Purse: $15 Thrifted (Fake Gucci)
  • Pants: $8 Thrifted (Target)
  • Heels: $3 Thrifted (Comfort Plus)

This is a huge part of why I thrift. Not only does it help keep clothing out of landfills, and money in my pocket -I can find really cute stuff if I dig hard enough. I find something thrilling about sifting through piles of clothing and finding beautiful items. It part adventure, part meditation.

Blue Teapot


I love herbal tea, especially lemon and berry flavors. I also adore teapots! I have been looking for one these past few months. I knew that I wanted my teapot to be a beautiful blue. We found a couple of adorable antique stores at this mall nearby, and they had one similar to the picture above for $20. That was a decent price, but it wasn’t the exact blue I was looking for. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Ben and I stopped into this random Goodwill store. We typically don’t find anything we like at this particular location. As I looked through some shelves filled with dishware, this little beauty caught my eye. My heart pounded as I turned it over, to look at the price. I was shocked to see it for $4.99! So I quickly grabbed it and brought it home! I love thrift-store shopping, especially when I find deals like this one. 🙂

My Chocolate Outfit


I haven’t done an outfit post in a while, and decided to put one up! This one is chocolate themed, for my love of chocolate! I thought it was a super fun outfit to wear, and thought that I would share it with you! As soon as I put it on, I felt like I was impersonating a chocolate bar. 🙂 Since I adore chocolate, I’d have to say it’s a good thing. 🙂 In any case, chocolate is a great color for fall. And, if you want to try a monochromatic look that isn’t black, I’m here to say it can work fantastic!


What I’m Wearing:

  • Boots: Faded Glory, $8 thrifted
  • Capelet: Down East, $5 (at the Down East warehouse sale)
  • Shirt: Down East, $3 (at the Down East warehouse sale)
  • Brown Jeans: $4 thrifted


Well, I’m off to take the practice GRE, so I don’t have a lot of time, but I really wanted to post about my fun outfit. I hope you liked it. And well, I hope I inspired you to try out your local thrift store (or maybe the fancy thrift store a little farther away)!

3 Lessons I Learned From Cashmere and Goodwill


About a month ago, as I was shopping at my local Goodwill, I came across an amazing find –a 100% cashmere scarf made by Saks 5th Avenue. It’s a beautiful brown ombre scarf, and I adore it. It’s soft, beautiful and incredibly warm. I can’t wait to wear it this winter, when I am in icy, blustery Rexburg. As I have enjoyed this scarf, I have come to realize 3 key lessons:

1. There really is a difference between luxury goods and cheap China goods.

Now, I have owned many scarves in my life time –some fashion, some functional, and some in between. But I have never had a scarf this high quality, this soft, and this beautiful. I know there is this conspiracy theory that the only difference between designer goods and cheap goods is advertising, and that companies try to trick you into believing the difference. While that might be true for some things, I really don’t think it is for fashion. If you invest in high quality clothing, you will receive high quality clothing.

Now, I have taken a few clothing classes, and through my personal experience, I have learned two of the main components of luxury goods are good clothing construction, and high quality fabric. That blue-light special K-Mart polyester blouse simply will not last as long or fit as well as the well-crafted silk blouse from Saks 5th Avenue. Period.

2. You don’t always have to spend a fortune to get what you want.

If you have an eye for quality and are willing to search for it, you can find what you want at lower prices. One important lesson I learned in 11th grade was from a kind woman in Virginia. I was staring at the clothes racks in Salvation Army, eyeing them with disgust and thinking, “I wish I could shop at the mall.” This woman saw my face and took pity on me. She walked over to me, and began teaching me to look at every tag, searching for the brands I wanted. Because of her, I was able to see gems that I otherwise would have skipped over. I showed up to school dressed in Old Navy shirts and American Eagle jeans, which for a teenager, was sheer bliss.

Since then, I have had several years of practice looking at tags whenever I shop. I found that as I continued to do so, I became familiar with more brands, and I was also able to recognize quality –both in the original quality of the garment, and its present condition. As my tastes matured, I began researching more brands. Because of this, I am able to wear brands and designers that I like. Imagine my excitement when I found a beautiful Ralph Lauren wrap dress that was perfect for me!

One suggestion I would make for those wanting to have the same experience thrift store shopping, is to write down a list of brands that you like. Visit their stores, and become acquainted with their clothing style. Then, as you shop in thrift stores, look for those brands. At first, it may feel annoying to sift through every single shirt and pair of pants, but I promise, it’s worth it. As you practice this, you will be able to spot high quality clothing much quicker.

3. It’s better to own 1 scarf you absolutely adore, than 20 you only kind of like.

I am definitely guilty of this. I own over 30 shades of lipstick, and out of all of them, there’s only 1 shade I absolutely adore (not so coincidentally, it’s a higher quality brand.) What typically happens is that sometime down the road, I end up giving the lipstick away, or even throwing it away, if it expires first. What a waste of time and money, and what a way to burden the environment! And of course, I’ve done my fair share of this with clothing.

When you own something you love, two things happen –you use it, and you take care of it. You can bet that I’m not going to leave my cashmere scarf on the kitchen counter, where it can get smeared with ketchup and grease. No, after every time I wear it, I carefully place it back in its special spot in my closet. And yes, I wear it inside, to feel glamorous, even though I currently live in Vegas, in the middle of August. If I’m willing to wear it now, I’m definitely going to wear it in winter!

It can be really tempting to buy lots of cheap stuff, instead of a few nice items. Having lots of stuff may help us feel good in the short term, but in the long term, it adds unnecessary guilt and clutter to our lives. Wouldn’t you rather have a smaller wardrobe filled with clothes you love and wear all of the time, than a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear? I sure would. I mean, if you don’t use them, it’s like you have a small wardrobe anyways.


In short, I’m convinced that a life of minimalist luxury is far better than a life of maximalist cheapness.