What I Think About … Freeman Glacier Water + Peony Face Mask!

Freeman Glacial Water Peony Face Mask

Here is the last installment of my Freeman face mask series! I decided to try out five of the $1.32 face masks that you can buy at Walmart. You can read the other posts below:

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It’s Self Care Time With … Freeman Rose Gummy Bear Mask!

Today’s face mask is a thin, blue tinted gel cream. When I used it, it spread across the skin nicely, and dried down to a sticky finish. I wish I could say it was a miracle worker, but it wasn’t. It left my skin feeling exactly the same afterwards, and I noticed some initial redness that went away after about ten minutes. It did smell nice, so I suppose that is a plus…

So far, out of all the masks I have tried, I liked the Watermelon face mask the most. It smelled nice, was cooling on the skin, and left my skin nice and soft. The second runner up was the Rose Gummy Bear mask. Although I didn’t like the smell as much, it left my skin nice and hydrated. As for the others, including today’s face mask, I wasn’t too impressed.

If you are looking for a nice, cheap way to pamper yourself, this could be a good bet, depending on which one you choose. That said, if you are looking for real results with your face masks, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

That’s all for today. Stay safe, my beautiful friends!


Note: This post is not sponsored.

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