What I Think About … ELF Makeup Brushes!

ELF Bronzing Makeup Brush

I bought 3 elf blushes from Walmart. This first one is a bronzing brush. It works great for contouring my cheekbones. This one costs $2 at Walmart.

ELF Crease Makeup Brush.jpg

The next brush is a crease brush. This is a game changer! It picks up the perfect amount of product and applies to my eye crease – nowhere else. This helps give a crispness to the look. The crease brush is my favorite of the 3. This brush is $3 at Walmart.

ELF Blending Makeup Brush

The next is a blending brush. As an eyeshadow brush, I wasn’t impressed. I don’t feel like it did a good job smoothing my eyeshadow together. But as a highlighter brush, it worked great! This ELF brush is $4 at Walmart.

Overall, I am pretty impressed!


Dana Maye 💚

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

2 thoughts on “What I Think About … ELF Makeup Brushes!

  1. You honestly can’t go wrong with Elf! I love their brushes, affordable and cruelty-free. 🐇 I agree about the blending brush, doesn’t do too well. I like to use them to pack on the color, and I’ll use a different brush to blend. Great review girl!

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