A Little About Me


It’s been a while since I have done an introduction post! My name is Dana Maye, and I write about all things beauty on my blog. I occasionally write about fashion and crystals too.

Intro To Me Beauty Tastes

—My favorite makeup products are lipstick and highlighters.

—I love face masks -the clay and sleeping kind. I’m not a big fan of sheet masks. They never seem to stick to my face.

— I adore perfume and am still searching for the one. Right now I am wearing Champagne Honey & Apple by Bath and Body Works. I want to find something more unique, though. The search continues…

Intro To Me about me personally

—I’ve been married to my husband Ben for 8 years. We live in North Dakota and recently brought home our Vizsla puppy, Copper.

—I’m part of a Star Wars Cosplay Club with Ben. We do charity work and go to comicons.

—I’m Christian and feel grateful to have a Savior who lived and died for me, and who loves me eternally.

—I’m an ISFP, a type 4 enneagram and a Taurus.

Intro To Me Randomness

— My favorite colors are green and turquoise.

— I love the ocean, trees and mountains.

— I adore sushi, mangoes and chocolate/peanut butter.

— I like thunderstorms and rainy days.

So, welcome to my blog! I hope you stay for a bit and check out some of my posts.

Intro To Me Blog Post Faves

I Dyed My Hair with One’N’Only Argan Hair Color

ReeRee’s Bath Bombs

Sage Goddess Perfume and Crystals

Sparkle and Shine with… Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter!


Dana Maye ๐Ÿ’š

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