My Word of the Year for 2017


Sometimes it is best to be fashionably late. For me, that is starting new years resolutions. When I start new goals, I like to have a practice month, where I figure out what I’m doing. So, I spent all of January conceptualizing and working on my goals for the year (which I will share in just a few moments). I decided that finding a word of the year would help focus my efforts.


I was inspired by Tonya Leigh’s blog post, “My Surprising Word of the Year: and Inspiration to Help You Find Yours.”


In this post, She challenged us to find our own concept for the year – not just fashion brands, but also places, animals, and other tangible things to represent the year. I thought this was a wonderful idea. Rather than choose a vague adjective, choose something you can visualize.

It took me over a year to decide on a tangible word of the year, but I finally found it. 💛

And the Word of the Year Is…


I settled on two words, but one brand -Kate Spade.  To me, Kate Spade New York is whimsical and timeless at the same time. It is elegance and joie de vivre.

For 2017, I have two main goals, which are represented well by the two Kate Spade perfumes:

Goal #1: Live Colorfully


To me, this means to be happy. Live life in color, not in dreaded drudgery. To seek out new experiences, and discover everything that gives me vibrancy. To bring more joy and delight to those around me, by finding joy inside me.

Goal #2: Walk On Air


Walk On Air sounds like magic.  I imagine traveling to far away places, without a care in the world. I see winding trails, daring adventures, excitement, and confidence. Basically, I want to gain the confidence to seize adventure and opportunity.

What’s your word of the year?

One thought on “My Word of the Year for 2017

  1. I love your phrase and goals for this year! I think it is especially fun that you were inspired by perfumes. I hadn’t thought of it the same way as you, but I think “live colorfully” is something I would like to do to! I want to be more in the moment and more adventurous. I’d love to see more facebook/blog posts about your own adventures!


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