My Love for Kate Spade

kate spade

One of my favorite brands is Kate Spade. I love that their purses are bright, cheerful, whimsical, while still being lady-like. I recently was able to try on one of their perfumes, Walk on Air. I went to my local Herberger’s store here in Bismarck, and had a wonderful time trying out different perfumes. I loved Walk On Air, because it was light and airy -not cloying like a lot of perfumes. It was also simple, which I like. I like cheerful and simple in my personal style. 🙂

I have been in love with the Kate Spade handbag for a long time, and with the brand itself. I feel like I really connect with the Kate Spade image, values and success story, which isn’t true for most brands I encounter. It’s just… me. It seems to capture the essence of my blog’s previous name, Colorful Glamour.

I adore the concept of passing on family heirlooms, and one day I plan to pass down a beautiful Kate Spate handbag -one that is classic, colorful and speaks a little of my store. As for my future bottle of Walk On Air, I plan to use every drop. 🙂

If you want to read this brand’s awesome back story, go ahead and check it out –Kate Spade’s Shiny, Sparkly Success Story.

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