Trip to Canada, Day 2 -Part III


d2 4

Now on to Day 2, Part III! In typical Ben style, we had to do something Star-Wars related. Ben is part of a costume club, where they dress up as Mandalorians -basically Boba Fett, the bounty hunter, but with different colors. 🙂 They had a meetup in Winnipeg, and Ben was stoked to meet his fellow club members.

Mandalorian Mercenaries Meetup


Here’s Spencer standing next to carbonite Han Solo.

d2 3

And here’s Noelle and I, looking around, bemused.


But of course we can’t forget about R2D2!



Celebrations Dinner Theater


Noelle, Spencer, Ben and I all love theatre , so we decided to go to a local dinner theatre, called Celebrations. The showing was called Rock Around The Clock, and was a reality TV dance contest set in the 1950’s.


In this picture, I’m wearing a green silk scarf that I got for $1.50! (We stopped by a Value Village thrift store before the show).

spencer and noelle

And, here’s Spencer and Noelle.


The musical was interspersed throughout a four-course meal, that had fun names like My Golly Molly Red Velvet cake. It was super cute, and we loved it.

Next up is Day 3!


My Trip to Canada

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