Trip to Canada, Day 2 -Part II


Welcome to part II of Day 2 in Canada! This trip really was a blast. 🙂

The Firefighters Museum

Next, we popped over to the Fire Fighters Museum. We didn’t have enough time for a tour, but had fun looking around.

fire engine

Ben really wanted to come to this museum. You see, when he was little, he wanted to grow up to be a fire engine. 🙂

fire engine 2

Though he is now a purchasing/estimating assistant, Ben’s passion for firetrucks still burns in his heart. 🙂 Ben was super stoked to try on some firefighter gear. 🙂


Winnipeg Railway Museum


spencer and noelle

We then popped over to the Winnipeg Railway Museum. They had several different types of trains in the museum, and they used passenger cars as exhibits! It was really neat.

d2 6

We could also sit in the conductor’s seat.

d2 5

And here’s me goofing around! 🙂


The Forks Market



Next we headed over to the Forks Market. It’s a tourist spot, and we figured we would peek around.


It had lots of fun little shops, ranging from artisan crafts to New Age to international shops. Ben and I promptly loaded up on candy! Ben also bought me an adorable little red elephant. 🙂



Ben and I walked to the top tower of the market, and found a lovely view.

sri lanka

I really liked the international food court. Ben and I also tried some Sri Lankan chicken with curried noodles. It was spicy, even for me!

And on to Part III!


My Trip to Canada

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