My Trip to Canada -Day 1


I  left the continental US for the first time -finally -and I went to … Canada! I had so much fun on this trip and can’t wait to share it with you.

Ben and I, along with our friends Noelle and Spencer, decided to travel up to Winnipeg in the Manitoba province, about 6 hours from Bismarck. We had this trip planned months in advance! We left on Friday, May 27th, during Memorial Day weekend..

We all enjoyed cookies and listening to an audio version of In Her Majesty’s Service. I’ve never read the James Bond books before, and it was a real treat. I’ve decided I like the book version of James Bond, surprising since I hate the James Bond Movies. Perhaps he is an acquired taste… 🙂


When we got to the border, it was 8:56 pm, and the border gate was closing! Apparently there was a cut-off curfew that we didn’t know about. Ben tried to persuade the guard to let us in anyways, but we had no luck. The guard let us know of two crossings we could try and told us to hurry!

So, we headed out to the next crossing at Sarles-Crystal City crossing. That crossing closed at 10 pm, so Ben booked it. I’m pretty sure he was going 75 down the gravel road we were travelling (thankfully there were no cops around). We got there with half an hour to spare, and took a big sigh of relief. I couldn’t wait to get that stamp on my little blue book! I looked at my passport with pride when I got it back. 🙂 As we took those few moments to cross the border, my heart was pounding! I was so close!

As soon as we crossed the border, I insisted on pulling over. I had to touch Canadian soil! (Silly, yes.)  I almost kissed it, but thought better of it. 🙂 We pulled over by the Welcome to Manitoba sign, and took some pictures.



Although not a lot happened that night, it was filled with  excitement. I  still am giddy about travelling to Canada. . 🙂

Head on over to Day 2 Part 1!


My Trip to Canada

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