My 4th Anniversary!


Ben and I have now been married for four years! It sure has passed by fast. 🙂 I love him so much. My sister Heather was in town, we took her a long with us for our anniversary celebration!


We decided to celebrate by visiting Peacock Alley. 🙂 It’s a delightful restaurant here in Bismarck, albeit a bit expensive. Ben was given a gift card at work, so we took advantage of it.



I was so stoked to eat here! I enjoyed a hanger’s steak with a raspberry glaze, and Ben ordered two entrees for the same price as mine. 🙂 He liked the fries. My sister Heather ordered some halibut.



We had so much fun together. The food was great, the atmosphere was classy, and it made for a wonderful memory. I would definitely eat there again… when we have the money. 😉


Isn’t my Ben so handsome? 🙂 I decided to wear a simple outfit -a black t-shirt and black denim jeans. Plus a pop of teal, as it was our wedding color! I’m actually wearing the original rose barrette that I wore in my hair when we were married. 🙂

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