Rocks For My Birthday!

I have pretty much the most amazing husband in the whole world. He sure gets me! They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but in my case, it’s any kind of rock! Well, Ben came home with a whole handful of rocks for me for my birthday. It was so cute –he had them in his pocket, and was going to wait to give them to me (it was a couple of days before my birthday). But… Ben’s not the best at keeping surprises secret. 🙂 He ended up just giving them to me right then and there! I love the emerald he picked out for me! He also brought me home an emerald jewelry set, which I love. 🙂 He knows that rocks are the way to my heart! I am just enchanted by rocks. There’s something magical about them to me. The colors and the textures and the shapes are so cool, and every stone is so different.

My awesome rocks part two: zebra jasper, sapphire, citrine, jet, Idaho jasper, black amber, red sardonyx, apache tear obsidian, brown aragonite, shungite, fuschite, turquoise and selenite (in the center). 

I went back a week later, and picked out some more rocks for myself. We go to a little shop called Treasures of Seas and Earth here in Bismarck. It’s crammed full of rocks and seashells, and smells heavily of incense. It’s a fun eclectic little place. 🙂 I got a piece of real turquoise that I am really excited about.


Also, I found a chimpanzee in one of the rocks I’ve hand for a while! Can you see him? Aren’t rocks just amazing? I sure think so!

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