5 New Rocks!


I now have 5 new lovely rocks to add to my rock/gemstone collection! I picked out some ones that have been on my list for a while. Whenever I go into our local rock shop, I never come out with what I expected to. That said, I always love what I end up bringing home!

It was a lovely day outside, so I decided to take pictures in the grass clearing near my apartment. The rocks are as follows: Black Kyanite, Angelite, Red Muscovite, Blue Aventurine and Crazy Lace Agate.

I think the Black Kyanite blade is really cool. It naturally grows in this fan or featherlike structure in nature. It is so neat. It looks kind of rough and gray, and yet it still shines in the light. You can see that better in the second picture. Angelite is a trade name for Blue Anhydrite and grows in the same environment as gypsum. It is a really pretty baby blue. Red Muscovite is a mica-based rock that often grows along side rubies. I have a ruby (not gem quality), and while they are similar colors they look way different. Rubies have this silver etching inside the stone, while the muscovite shines with an orangish glitter (that being the mica). Blue Aventurine, as I found out when I got home, is dyed. It’s still a really pretty rock though. It’s so deep of a blue that it almost looks black. Crazy Lace Agate is a type of agate that often shows up in yellows, oranges and browns and has those banded layers. Mine is mostly yellow with some clear layers. I can see why lace is in its name. It reminds me of yellowing lace on an old dress. 🙂


For me, rocks are so amazing. I learned that there are over 4000 types of rocks and minerals. How crazy is that? And each one is so different.  I am a big lover of beauty -especially beauty found in nature. I guess that’s part of why I love collecting these gorgeous treasures. There’s so much wonder and joy packed into something that can fit in your pocket!

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