My Bedtime Routine


Today, I decided to share my bedtime routine. I have struggled a lot during my life with being able to get a good night’s sleep. Part of this is because I had poor sleep hygiene. Staying on electronics until the last minute, and then just hopping into bed left me staring at the ceiling for at least an hour. But with my newish routine, I am able to sleep well, and wake up feeling well rested.

* Herbal Tea –To mark the beginning of bedtime, I drink a cup of herbal tea. It’s delicious, calming, and helps me transition to sleep mode. My favorites are lemon and chamomile.

* Yoga Routine –To further continue into sleepy time, I do a 20 minute yoga routine. I use the Yoga Journal dvd, Yoga For Morning, Noon and Night. It’s designed for beginners, and the night yoga routine is nice and gentle.

* Meditation –I take about ten minutes to meditate. I don’t do anything super complicated –often times I just still mind and listen to the sound of my breaths. But this is a nice time to be still, and connect to God. I like to incorporate prayer into my meditation. Sometimes I use rocks as well. 🙂

* Journal –To help make sure I get rid of any pressing thoughts, I write down about my day, and how I’m feeling. This really helps to keep me grounded, to remember my life, and to help me not stress about stuff as I’m going to bed.

All in all, my bedtime routine is about 45 minutes long. But, for me, it is so crucial in helping me to get a good night’s sleep. What are some of the things you do to help you get ready for bed?

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