The Autumn Equinox


(This picture was taken by my husband Ben Buchmiller during fall 2008 in Palmyra, New York. Please do not use this image without written consent.)

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I love seeing the trees transform into colorful collages, and feel the wind on my face. I love being able to cozy up, and enjoy this fun time of year. And well, fall colors look great with my red hair! I realized that today is the Autumn Equinox, marking the first day of fall. Boy, was I excited! I plan on having a fall-filled night tonight!

So, here are some fun activities to bring in the autumn spirit into your life.

If you like meditation music, the album Fall Meditation by Bellaudia. It has the sounds of winds, leaves hitting the ground, and wind chimes. I love it! (You can listen to it on Spotify.)

Break out your autumn colors! Pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, eggplant, dusty brown, cream, forest green… all of these colors are great for celebrating fall!

Fall desserts are another fun way to celebrate. Some of my personal favorites are pumpkin bread, apple pie, pecan pie, caramel apples, sugar cookies in leaf shapes, and spiced cheesecake. And of course, it’s finally time to break out the hot chocolate!

Of course, non-sweet fall treats are great too! I love roasted corn, non-candied yams, and anything with squash. 🙂 Here in Idaho, it’s also potato harvest time, so lots of mashed, diced and baked potatoes will make their way into my dinner prep.

Apple orchards are open, if you want to try picking your own, and maybe even canning. I’ve had fun with this already! Also, it’s a great time of year to start volunteer work, and participating in food drives.

If you have a wax melt warmer, break out the fall scents like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and balsam fir. Candles are wonderful too. 🙂

However you decide to welcome in fall, be sure to make it lots of fun!

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