Trip To Lake Charles, Louisianna

For our three year anniversary, Ben and I decided to go to Lake Charles, Louisiana! I grew up with Cajun food, thank to my dad’s amazing cooking skills, and was super excited to visit. And, it was lots of fun! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

When we first got to Lake Charles yesterday, we checked out the local visitor’s center. While there, I saw an amazing alligator sculpture, made by a a local artist. It’s like a 3D mosaic, and it’s super cool looking! We also got a Louisiana patch and some postcards from the gift shop. And, there were lots and lots of pamphlets to choose from!

I also got to a see a real alligator! They have a free alligator observatory right next to the visitor’s center. It was kind of cool seeing an alligator so up close. It was also pretty obvious that this gator had the right idea -it was super hot and humid! Staying under the water was probably the smart choice. 🙂 There was another alligator chilling underneath some bamboo plants.


After we unpacked our things at our motel room, we headed over to Steamboat Bill’s for some local cajun food! It’s a fun restaurant, with lots of cajun choices, as well as some more “normal” choices for the less brave. From crawfish to catfish to boudin to po’ boys to gumbo, there was lots of creole choices to choose from. We spent of a lot of time staring at the menu sign, trying to pick something from the huge list of choices (and by us, I mean me).


And here’s me being goofy! You can see all of the food we tried. I ordered some catfish and fries, and Ben got some gator bites and a boudin ball (it’s a type of rice/sausage mix that usually comes inside a sausage). Really, we sampled each other’s food and got to try a little of everything! I liked everything, especially Ben’s gator bites. 🙂 I actually really liked the jalapeno ranch that they served with the entrees. 🙂


And here’s us, the happy couple! I think Ben looks striking in his awesome hat and brand new shirt from the Boot Barn. It was a fun date, and we got to try a lot of fun things. We left full, and content. If you’re ever in Louisiana and happen to see a Steamboat Bill’s, I recommend it!

Then, today, we checked out Sam Houston Jones National Park, so we could see a real live bayou! We were hoping to see some alligators in the wild, but it was probably too hot a day to spot any.



But, as you can tell, the scenery was lovely! All in all, it was a fun trip, and a great way to celebrate three years of being married to such a fantastic man. 🙂

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