My First Time At Forever 21

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While I’ve heard of Forever 21, I’ve never actually visited this store! Rue 21, yes, but Forever 21? No. And I wasn’t expecting to be impressed, as I find Rue 21 to be a little too middle school/ high school for me. But, wow, was I wrong! I feel like this store is a little more sophisticated, and a little less cheesy than Rue 21. Plus, the cheap prices are pretty fantastic! I spent a couple of hours perusing the giant Forever 21 at the Woodlands Mall, just taking in all of the beautiful clothing and accessories. From faux leather to modern floral prints to fun head wraps and scarfs, I felt like this store really had an outfit for everyone.



In their clearance shoe section, I found a stunning pair of blue velvet stilettos. I love the ankle strap, and the 5 inch heel is to die for. Or to die from –I’m still not sure which. 🙂 One fall in those might just snap my ankles. But, they are gorgeous, and they were 30% off clearance price, and came down to $16.10 (excluding tax). While I didn’t end up buying them, I spent an awfully long time staring at their beauty, and imagining them with the perfect summer evening outfit. I really liked them too, because they would be a great transition piece from summer to fall. Velvet is traditionally a fall/winter fabric, and the strappy, open toe heel look would be perfect during August, September, and even October in Idaho (We’re heading back to Idaho at the end of Ben’s internship).

What is it about an impractical shoe that leaves me clamoring to try it on? I can guarantee that after just one hour of standing or walking in those shoes that my feet would be in agony. So why do I like them so much? Is it because they are a status symbol? Is it the extra five inches lent to my height, and the redistribution of my weight and curves? Is is just because I like cute shoes? I don’t know the answer to this mystery, and I’m certainly not alone. 🙂



I also loved the jewelry section. They had mostly gold-toned jewelry, which while it isn’t typically my thing, somehow it worked. I also like the blues and gold mixes that I saw sprinkled throughout the area, like this turquoise and gold necklace. It was not on sale, but was only $7.80. For reference, that’s about the same price of jewelry at Walmart, but a lot cuter. There were also a lot of peach and gold combos too. Again, I didn’t buy this necklace, but I did love it. It’s probably a good thing this little necklace did not end up in a shopping bag –I have enough teal and turquoise pieces as it is. I really need to branch out and add more colors to my wardrobe.

So while I didn’t end up buying anything, I was excited to check out this store! I actually continued my Woodlands mall exploration and had lots of fun! I tried on the Bombshell fragrance at Victoria Secret, applied Marc Jacobs lipstick at Sephora, and read fashion books at Barnes and Noble. I didn’t find anything for my anniversary, but that’s okay. It was still lots of fun! My trip to the mall -and to Forever 21 was an excellent window shopping adventure!

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