Yardley London Soap


There’s a new soap in town! I’ve been looking all over for a nice bar of soap, or body wash that would leave my skin feeling soft, instead of dry and itchy. Well, Yardley London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar won the ballot! This soap smells lightly of lavender, and comes in a big bar. It’s your typical-looking ivory bar of soap, but instead of being drying, it works up to a beautiful lather, and leaves my skin soft and happy.


This soap was available at Kroger in a two-pack, and was on sale for $1.67. That’s a pretty good price, if you ask me. 🙂 I really like that it’s made without any parabens, and is SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) free! I’m starting to think my skin is allergic to that detergent, now that I’m cutting back on the amount of sodium lauryl sulfate in my beauty products. I also like that it’s made with lavender essential oil, and real lavender extract. The fact that this soap was not tested on animals, and has 100% recyclable packaging is pretty neat too. (Please keep in mind that there is tallow in this soap, so it is not  vegan).



The smell of this soap is very soothing, and I love using it. It’s so nice to have a good alternative for my sensitive skin. I was starting to despair that I would never find a product that was nice to my skin, smelled good, and actually cleaned.  I now have a soap I can rely on!

Update (12/11/15) -This soap seems to work better in more humid climates. I liked it a lot better in Houston than I have in Rexburg and Bismarck.

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