Frisbee Golf Adventures


So, I went Disc Golfing with Ben for my second time ever. And boy, was it fun! This sport is so much fun! It involves walking up and down steep hills, and trying to throw my Frisbee in a straight line, which I’m getting better at. 🙂 It’s like golf, in that you want to get it into the basket target, using as few throws as possible. You also want the lowest score possible, like golf.


There are a lot of disc golf courses in the Spring/Woodlands/Houston areas –some 9 “hole”, and some 18 “hole.” So far, Ben and I have only been to one course here in Texas –it’s a 9 hole course at Terramont Park, in the Woodlands. This date with Ben was lots of fun, and we got a lot of good pictures!


I like this sport, because you can play it with as little as two people, or form a big group. I also like that it’s outdoor, and doesn’t require me catching a ball, Frisbee, or other form of flying object hurled in the air towards me. 🙂


I think this delightful little sport is family friendly, and fun for all levels of expertise. I’m definitely a beginner, and I had a blast!


Have you ever gone Frisbee golfing?

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