My New Memory Box


On facebook, I mentioned earlier that I wanted to buy a memory box. One that could hold photos, pieces of nature, my rock collection, and other treasures. Since I’m still a gypsy until Ben graduates and settles down, I decided to choose a cute, cheap, and somewhat temporary box. I got this memory box at Michael’s in the scrapbooking section for only $4. While it won’t last generations, it will last me the next few years which is plenty of time to start with.



I thought this box was perfect for me, as it has my favorite color teal as a border. It also has roses which I love, and bicycles, my new favorite passion. I also like the sheet of music, and the post card. And of course, the words “smile” and “Enjoy the journey” are great reminders for me personally.



I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve decided to place inside my memory box. For now, I have my rocks, my incense, one of my favorite books called the Bombshell Manual of Style by Lauren Stover, and a couple of post cards. I intend to place more cool things, like dried flowers (bookmark style), photos, movie ticket stubs, and quotes, and other pieces of awesomeness. For now, I’m super excited with my little memory box!


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