Lovely New Rocks!

Ben and I stopped by the Magick Cauldron today–a medieval/New Age shop in downtown Houston. While the shop was dimly lit, and the shop keepers were a little sketchy, it was loads of fun looking at all of the rocks they had. I decided on seven, and Ben even got a couple of rocks (he chose Malachite and onyx).


The rocks I chose were amethyst (the purple stone), azurite (the bright blue stone), garnet (the gem cut dark stone), jade (the dark green stone), malachite (the bright green stone), moonstone (the white stone), and sodalite (the muted blue stone).

  • Amethyst –a stone that encourages peaceful sleep, grounding, meditation, sobriety, and protection from boundary attacks
  • Azurite –a stone that increases creativity, inspiration, focus, and aids communication
  • Garnet –a stone that brings gentle grounding, femininity, discernment, purity, eases depression and raises self-esteem
  • Jade –the stone of abundance, protection, good luck, mental and emotional nourishment, and endurance. Jade is said to be the stone of Ephraim.
  • Malachite –a stone that gives success in career and business ventures, facilitates balance, leadership, and discernment
  • Moonstone –a stone that brings wisdom, intuition, emotional healing, an increase in feminine energy, and alignment with lunar cycles
  • Sodalite –a stone that lends the owner peace, wellness, intuition, balances hormones, prevents nightmares, and brings good sleep

Now, whether or not these stones actually bring this metaphysical healing properties, you have to admit –they’re pretty cool rocks! I really like the moonstone rock. I think the texture looks just like the craters of the moon. The malachite’s green swirls are really cool too -it looks different on every side! Really, I like all of seven of them. Of course, that’s why I bought these rocks!


I also bought a couple of boxes of incense, as they were only $1 each. I got one that smells like lotus, and one called Night Queen, which is supposed to smell like India in the middle of the summer. I can’t wait to burn them this fall!

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