Fashion For Your Car!



Sometimes, it’s easy to think of fashion as only pertaining to dresses and shoes, but it goes so much further. Fashion is a visual aesthetic that helps express an individual’s identity and worldview. Yes, it has to do with clothes and accessories, but I think it can be extended to anything style-oriented… like your car!

For my 26th birthday, Ben decided to buy me a set of leopard print seat covers. It went way beyond just seat covers though –seat belt covers, floor mats, etc. I love it, and I think it really helps express myself (and make my car look cuter). Surely everyone needs a little fashion for their car. 🙂



In case you were wondering, this seat cover set is from Amazon, and you can find countless kinds for countless models. Be sure to use the “My Garage” feature on Amazon to get the right year, make and model. If you want to see the link and price for mine, you can check it out here: Sidekick Leopard Print Seat Covers. And no -I don’t get anything for showing you this. 🙂

What are some of the ways you add fashion and style to your every day life?

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