My Green Fringe Shirt


Here is one of my favorite outfits:

Green Fringe Shirt: This shirt is one of my favorites! I got it at Down East Basics, on sale for $7! The stretchy green shirt has a fun braided neckline with pearl embroidery, and some fringe hanging down the shirt. It has a fun, modern twist on western style. I got it last year, during the Emerald fad. Since I’m a redhead, I can get away with it. 😉

Gray Jeans: You can’t see them super well, but my pants are a pair of straight-leg charcoal jeans, with a leaf pattern. From a distance, the pattern looks like lace. I wear them all the time. 🙂



Makeup: I’m wearing my Clinique Foundation, with a Mary Kay Lipstick in Berry Kiss, Elf Glitter Eyeliner in Twinkling Teal, Elf Studio Eyeshadow Palette in Everyday, Elf Studio Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara, and Elf Studio Blush in Merry Berry.

And, yeah! I love Down East, and I love green!

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