My Green and Gold Scarf


I have a lovely green and gold scarf that I got for Christmas. I think it is super pretty, and that it looks almost royal. It’s definitely a fun, glamorous touch to my wardrobe. And with South Eastern Idaho’s dreary cold, it should help to cheer things up! The shirt and jeans were also wonderful Christmas presents as well.

I’ve always admired people who can tie their scarves into fancy designs, and today, I decided I wanted to try it! Ben and I were going out to a little Mexican restaurant for a nice date, and I wanted to look cute, but not too overdone. So, I put on my new clothes, and braided my scarf, using an excellent tutorial video from, a great everything-about-scarves destination. Here’s the link if you want to learn how to braid your scarf like mine: Four In Hand Tutorial.

In this picture, I’m wearing my favorite Clinique Foundation, and the NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in Naturally Beige. The rest of my makeup is, as usual, Elf makeup. If you want to learn more about my Clinique Foundation, or a couple of my Elf products, click on the links. 🙂

And, in case you were wondering, my date with Ben was nice. The food was mediocre, but it was nice to spend time with my sweetheart. Between my cute outfit, and my husband opening the door for me, I definitely felt beautiful and glamorous.


Also, I received a special professional offer for Allure magazine in the mail. While I have more than enough magazine subscriptions to keep me content (you can check out my 12 Free Magazine Subscriptions post to learn more), I got a cute little insert that came with it. It’s an anti-aging guide, and it has 7 basic steps to look younger. I think they’re also great preventative care as well. And since I liked it so much, I figured that I shared it with you, my readers!


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