7 Things I’m Grateful For

1. Over-Sized T-Shirts -I love big, comfy t-shirts that I can lounge around in. They are fun, comfortable, and all-around just amazing. And if you you match it with the right jeans and accessories, you can still look great.
2. Moleskine Notebooks -Ben and I went to an information session for one of the companies he is hoping get a construction internship. One of them gave away moleskine notebooks and flash drives with the company name on them. I love moleskin notebooks. They are pretty expensive at Barnes and Noble, and for good reason. It’s a fun, well-crafted notebook that you can take anywhere. I’ve already started using mine for random creative ideas that pop into my brain.
3. Wheat Bread –I love bread, and I especially love wheat bread. Why? Because it tastes good, and it has plenty of fiber and nutrients that my body needs.
4. Veggie Trays -At the last Relief Society activity, I was glad to see fruit trays and veggie trays. One of my biggest problems about church and other social activities, is that they tend to be filled with lots of junk food, which I certainly don’t need. While there were still chips and oreos, I had the option of still eating healthy, while enjoying time with others.
5. Sunscreen -Even though I live in Idaho, and winter is fast approaching, I am grateful for sunscreen. I don’t know what it is about the snow, but I can still manage to come home with a sunburned face. And since I will be spending the next two weeks in California, I will definitely be bringing my sunscreen with me.
6. Chocolate Brown -I love the color of chocolate -it warm, welcoming, and rich-looking. I have a lot of clothing in chocolate brown, which I am excited to wear next year. I also like this layering tee. Here in Idaho, layering tees are a winter must-have.
7. Red Lipstick -Red lipstick is just so bold and classy -wearing it really makes my day. I can’t think of another shade of lipstick that is as versatile, and well, down right amazing, as red lipstick. Just a couple of coats, I feel like Super Woman. 🙂

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