Rimmel Mintilicious Nail Polish



I’ve decided to take up a challenge – Project Trash Ten -I found this awesome idea on the blog Lip Gloss And A Backpack, and am using it with the blogger’s permission. Basically, it’s a challenge to use up 10 full-size products (and/or 20 sample size products) before buying any new beauty products. And while I’m at it, I figure I’ll work on reviewing products that I have about my bathroom. Hence this review.

If you haven’t heard of the Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish, it’s a fast-drying lacquer that comes in smaller bottles. Instead of the typical .5 fl oz, it’s .27 fl oz. I have yet to finish an entire bottle of nail polish, so the smaller size is preferable to me.



This color, number 210, and called Mintilicious, is a pastel mint. The first coat goes on a little streaky, but the second coat looks good. It’s a nice even, opague mint with two coats, and I like that. It’s not my favorite of the four shades of Rimmel 60 seconds that I own, but it’s still pretty.



As you can see, it isn’t the right undertone for my skin. Anything warm toned makes my skin look red, which is a bit annoying. But, it’s not too bad. And if you’re looking for a warm-toned mint, this is the color for you

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