7 Things I’m Grateful For


1.  Hummus –So, I love hummus. It is tasty and delicious, and a healthy snacking alternative. And thanks to my sister-in-law, my homemade batch tastes great. I love hummus, because it is a reminder to me that not all healthy foods taste bad; I can live a healthy and satisfied life if I am willing to try hard enough.

2.  Pink Ribbon Charity -My late Grandma Gooss had to struggle with breast cancer, and eventually received a mastectomy. Remembering her trials, and keeping in mind that I share her genetics, makes the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign very personal for me. I appreciate all of the work scientists and physicians have put into treating and finding a cure. I’m also grateful for all those who donate their time, talents and money into helping spread awareness. I intend to donate a little this month myself, even though I don’t have a lot of money to spare.

3.  Artistic Self-Expression –I love finger paint, as is shown here. But, I love all forms of artistic mediums, whether they be paint, pencil, pastel, or computer mouse. There is something cathartic about channeling all of my emotions into a piece of art. I think that everyone should take up creative endeavors. It helps to sort out the many pieces of this strange world, and helps us to create something out of the chaos that surrounds us.

4.  Manicures –So, on Monday, I was able to go to the local Paul Mitchell Hair Academy and have a manicure for less. You see, right now (at least in Rexburg) there is a Family and Friends event, which allows outsiders to receive student prices. So, I received a spa manicure for only $2. Emily Ray, from my church and apartment complex, is super cool, so it was a lot of fun getting to know her as she did my nails. It’s been almost a week, and my nails still look great!

5.  My Phone –So, I used to work at Sprint, and while I was there, I fell in love with the Samsung Reclaim. It’s a cute little phone, with the perfect full keyboard. It’s also eco-friendly. The plastic is made out of biodegradable corn bio plastics, and the phone is designed to use energy efficiently. I mainly like it because it’s cute, green, and withstands the occasional bumps and bruises. I’ve had this phone for 2 years, and probably should get a new one, but I just love my little Reclaim!

6.  Vampy Lip Trend –There are two lipstick trends that I am excited about this fall –purple/plum, and dark lipsticks, like this one by MAC. I do have a dark vampy lipstick to try out –it is a cheaper lipstick, so I just need to figure how to keep it from spreading outside my lips. 🙂 When I figure it out, I’ll probably post something.

7.  Mexican Blanket –So, it’s starting to get a little chilly at night, and when that happens, it means it’s time for an extra blanket. So Ben has been able to go down to Mexico a few times for the Baja races. During his fun trips, he bartered and bought two woven blankets –one in green and blanket, and one with red. They keep me super warm, and I just love them.

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