Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation



So, I read a review on Naked Beauty Blog about the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. I looked high and low but could not find that specific product. I did, however, find another matte foundation -Clean Finish Matte Foundation- by Rimmel, and the Stay Matte pressed powder.



Here are my thoughts on it:

  • I did -finally! -manage to find a color that looks good on me. Yay! And let me tell you -this has been quite the struggle. Just the fact that it matches my skin tone is a *huge* plus.
  • The Clean Finish foundation looks super thick when you open it up, but it goes on a lot more sheer.
  • The foundation did go on a little streaky at first, so I had to work with it a bit to even it out. I think part of this might be because I didn’t put facial moisturizer or primer under neath it. But, once I smoothed it out, it looked good.
  • Definitely don’t try and use this foundation to cover up blemishes -it highlights them. Apply it lightly and use a concealer instead (which, really, you should be using a concealer anyways for this sort of thing).
  • The Stay Matte pressed powder applied well -better than the foundation.
  • The pressed powder does tend to highlight any minute facial hair, so, you’ll need to be extra cautious when using it.
  • Wearing the two together seems like it might be too heavy for day -I’d suggest the combination for night time, big events, and any time you’ll be photographed.
  • The combination definitely photographs well, which is a big plus.
  • I didn’t try the pressed powder alone, as I don’t usually wear my makeup that way, so I can’t give my thoughts on just the powder.

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