My New Modest Swimsuit



So, this is my lovely new bathing suit that my mom-in-law, Patty, bought me. I absolutely love it! It was $20 at Ross, and it’s very flattering. Now, I’m a one-piece kind of gal, so this swimsuit is perfect for me. I also love the color -the violet, yellow and mint are a fun combination, and the flowers are cute.



I like the sweetheart neckline -it looks great on me, without being too revealing for my personal taste.



The sides have an additional supportive elastic band, which helps keep the swimsuit in place, and makes it comfortable.



I love the ruching that goes down the middle. I was surprised at how much it enhances my appearance. I’ve seen side ruching, but this adds a fun twist.



And here’s a view of the back. As you can see, there are supportive cups inside the bathing suit. Also, the lower cut is nice and modest, and the back silhouette has a nice shape to it. Now that Ben just received his swim trunks in the mail, I’m excited to go swimming with him. 🙂

If you’re interested in buying a version of this swimsuit, you can get it here:

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