My Favorite Things


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens 
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things
– Sound of Music

I know when I researching an author, I’m always interested in what their “favorite things” are. So, I decided to share my favorites with you.

1. Favorite Number: 2 -for Ben and me

2. Favorite Colors: These change about every six months, but right now they are royal blue, teal and golden yellow.

3. Favorite Day: Definitely Saturday –I love to play.

4. Favorite Month: May, because that’s when I was born and when the weather is most beautiful in Virginia.

5. Favorite Song: Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse

6. Favorite Drink: Water! I love water so much. It is quenching, clear, and doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. Plus, it’s good for my body and doesn’t ruin my teeth.

7. Favorite Candy: I love anything with chocolate, caramel and nuts. I also love Reese’s.

8. Favorite Ice-cream : Either cookies ‘n cream or chocolate chip cookie dough

9. Favorite Season: My favorite season would be sprummer, when it’s not scorching, but has the splendor of summer green.

10. Favorite Animal: it used to be cats, but then my cat decided to maul me, so I now have decided puppies are my favorite animal. 😉

11. Favorite Fruit: Such a hard decision… probably mangoes…. Or grapes… or pomegranates… or tangerines… or watermelon… basically whatever fruit I am eating is my favorite fruit. Fruit is definitely my favorite food.

12. Favorite Word: cherished

13. Favorite Place: Sandy Beach (near Virginia Beach –It’s much less crowded, messy, and is a lot prettier. But it’s out of the way so most people don’t go to it).

14. Favorite Subject: Anything in the humanities; art, music, English, foreign language, you name it

15. Favorite type of shoe: well, aside from barefoot it would be sneakers or sandals

16. Favorite Board game: Candyland! I loved playing it as a little girl (and still do). I also love the game Ticket to Ride.

17. Favorite part of a house: The porch, especially if it faces either the west/east and has a porch swing!

18. Favorite Movie Genre: Hmm… action if it’s not too violent, or movies based on a book I like

19. Favorite Poem: Tears, Idle Tears by Lord Alfred Tennyson

20. Favorite Flower: Definitely carnations! Despite what anyone else says, they are the most beautiful flowers in the world. They’re delicate, strong and enduring all at the same time. I love their smell and every time I walk past them in the grocery store I have to stop, stare, and smell them.

21. Favorite Perfume: I wear a lot of different perfumes, but my favorite is Warm Cashmere by Bath and Body Works.

22. Favorite Cologne: Wow, I love cologne. I’m really not picky, but if I would have to choose one, it would be Old Spice.

23. Favorite Card Game: Spades, though it’s hard to find someone to play with me… any takers? 😉

24. Favorite Tree: I would love it if Rexburg had more than four trees… at this point any real tree is my favorite tree; but, back in Virginia, my favorite would definitely be the dogwood tree. It’s beautiful, majestic and the state tree!

25. Favorite Time Of Day: My favorite time of day would either early in the morning when the house is still quiet and everyone is asleep, or right around sunset, when the sky is beautiful and I have a nice full stomach. 🙂

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